Abandon in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbɑndoʊnɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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abandon1 = abandono, desenfreno, frenesí. 

Example: The article 'Enlightenment and lubricity' examines paintings depicting women reading and responding with sensual abandon to the word.


» with wild abandon = con desenfreno, desenfrenadamente.

Example: 2012 is the year to pursue ordinary life with wild abandon and stop trying to be perfect.

abandon2 = abandonar. 

Example: The Library of Congress has now reconsidered the position, and abandoned what was known as its compatible headings policy.


» abandon + (all) hope = abandonar (toda/la) esperanza, perder (toda/la) esperanza.

Example: He described cynicism as abandoning all hope that social change and progress is possible.

» abandon + Nombre + to + Posesivo + own devices = abandonar + Nombre + a + Posesivo + propia suerte.

Example: Ribbentrop had been abandoned to his own devices, no longer the central figure he had once been in the affairs of state.

» abandon + Nombre + to + Posesivo + own wits = abandonar + Nombre + a + Posesivo + propia suerte.

Example: Imagine a young man, alone and without supplies or tools, abandoned to his own wits in the middle of hostile enemy territory.

» abandon + Reflexivo + to = entregarse a, abandonarse a.

Example: Towards the end, abandoning himself to corruption and pleasure, the emperor ceased to be concerned about the welfare of the people.

» abandon + ship = abandonar el barco.

Example: Most of the crew came abaft to where the lifeboats were and when the word was given to abandon ship they jumped in and swam for the life rafts.

Abandon synonyms

desert in spanish: Desierto, pronunciation: dezɜrt part of speech: noun forsake in spanish: abandonar, pronunciation: fɔrseɪk part of speech: verb give in spanish: dar, pronunciation: gɪv part of speech: verb desolate in spanish: solitario, pronunciation: desələt part of speech: adjective lurch in spanish: estacada, pronunciation: lɜrtʃ part of speech: noun, verb empty in spanish: vacío, pronunciation: empti part of speech: adjective vacate in spanish: desocupar, pronunciation: veɪkeɪt part of speech: verb give up in spanish: rendirse, pronunciation: gɪvʌp part of speech: verb wantonness in spanish: desenfreno, pronunciation: wɑntənəs part of speech: noun wildness in spanish: desenfreno, pronunciation: waɪldnəs part of speech: noun unconstraint in spanish: sin restricciones, pronunciation: ənkənstreɪnt part of speech: noun
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