Abate in spanish


pronunciation: disminuiɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

abate = aplacar, disminuir, apaciguarse, amainar, atenuar, remitir. 

Example: As the sobbing abated, the secretary's voice regained some steadiness.


» storm + abate = tormenta + amainar, tormenta + calmarse.

Example: It took almost three full days for the storm to abate.

Abate synonyms

slack in spanish: flojo, pronunciation: slæk part of speech: adjective, noun slake in spanish: apagar, pronunciation: sleɪk part of speech: verb let up in spanish: cejar, pronunciation: letʌp part of speech: verb slack off in spanish: aflojar, pronunciation: slækɔf part of speech: verb die away in spanish: desaparecer, pronunciation: daɪəweɪ part of speech: verb
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