Abandoned in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbɑndoʊnɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
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abandon2 = abandonar. 

Example: The Library of Congress has now reconsidered the position, and abandoned what was known as its compatible headings policy.


» abandon + (all) hope = abandonar (toda/la) esperanza, perder (toda/la) esperanza.

Example: He described cynicism as abandoning all hope that social change and progress is possible.

» abandon + Nombre + to + Posesivo + own devices = abandonar + Nombre + a + Posesivo + propia suerte.

Example: Ribbentrop had been abandoned to his own devices, no longer the central figure he had once been in the affairs of state.

» abandon + Nombre + to + Posesivo + own wits = abandonar + Nombre + a + Posesivo + propia suerte.

Example: Imagine a young man, alone and without supplies or tools, abandoned to his own wits in the middle of hostile enemy territory.

» abandon + Reflexivo + to = entregarse a, abandonarse a.

Example: Towards the end, abandoning himself to corruption and pleasure, the emperor ceased to be concerned about the welfare of the people.

» abandon + ship = abandonar el barco.

Example: Most of the crew came abaft to where the lifeboats were and when the word was given to abandon ship they jumped in and swam for the life rafts.

abandoned = abandonado, desatendido, descuidado. 

Example: It tells the story of a young detective who stumbles across a stash of jewel thieves hiding out in an abandoned house.


» abandoned property = propiedad abandonada.

Example: The family of a disabled boy who was bashed in an abandoned property is outraged his attackers will escape a gaol term.

» feel + abandoned = sentirse abandonado.

Example: Your child may feel ignored or abandoned and resort to back talk just to get you to take notice.

» sit + abandoned = permanecer abandonado.

Example: My wife and I moved it to the garage, where it sat abandoned for more years, becoming even moldier and more mouse ridden.

Abandoned synonyms

forsaken in spanish: abandonado, pronunciation: fɔrseɪkən part of speech: adjective deserted in spanish: abandonado, pronunciation: dɪzɜrtɪd part of speech: adjective uninhibited in spanish: desinhibido, pronunciation: ənɪnhɪbɪtɪd part of speech: adjective uninhabited in spanish: deshabitado, pronunciation: ənɪnhæbətɪd part of speech: adjective
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