Abiding in spanish


pronunciation: peɹ̩mɑnenθiɑ part of speech: adjective
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abide = aguantar, soportar, tolerar. 

Example: The average male moviegoer cannot abide emotional goo, by which I mean scenes intended to provoke a sentimental response, especially if those scenes involve children, relationships, or disease.


» abide by = atenerse a, cumplir, acatar, obedecer, guiarse por, respetar.

Example: Any library coming into OCLC has to agree to abide by those standards.

» abide by + a decision = acatar una decisión.

Example: Sisters, for example, who take a vow of obedience, are willing to abide by the decisions made by their superiors.

» abide by + rules and regulations = cumplir las normas.

Example: It has been stated that the applicant for library membership is usually required to sign a declaration of agreement to abide by the library's rules and regulations.

abiding = permanente, duradero, constante. 

Example: The revision and correction of reference works is an abiding concern to the librarian and the user.


» law abiding = respetuoso de la ley, cumplidor de las leyes, honrado.

Example: Rehabilitation, i.e. preparing the offender to function productively as a law abiding citizen in society, is very costly.

Abiding synonyms

permanent in spanish: permanente, pronunciation: pɜrmənənt part of speech: adjective enduring in spanish: duradero, pronunciation: endjʊrɪŋ part of speech: adjective lasting in spanish: perdurable, pronunciation: læstɪŋ part of speech: adjective imperishable in spanish: imperecedero, pronunciation: ɪmperɪʃəbəl part of speech: adjective
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