Able in spanish


pronunciation: poʊdeɹ̩ part of speech: adjective
In gestures

able [abler -comp., ablest -sup.]1 = capaz, competente, hábil. [Pincha en o en para ver otros adjetivos cuyo grados comparativos y superlativos se formas añadiendo "-er" o "-est" (o sus variantes "-r" o "-st") al final]

Example: Then there are those children made to think themselves failures because of the hammer-blow terms like dull, backward, retarded, underprivileged, disadvantaged, handicapped, less able, slow, rejected, remedial, reluctant, disturbed.


» able-bodied = sano, sin discapacidades, no discapacitado. 

Example: The reference staff of the library is responsible for providing the same standard of service to both handicapped and able-bodied students.

» actionable = enjuiciable, procesable.

Example: The four elements of liability for actionable negligence that must be established are: duty owed, breach of duty, injury, and causation.

» be able to = poder.

Example: Thus the electronic journal (e-journal) is a concept where scientists are able to input ideas and text to a computer data base for their colleagues to view, and similarly to view the work of others.

» be ready, willing and able = estar dispuesto a, estar dispuesto a todo, estar preparado y dispuesto a todo.

Example: However, unlike most artists, Ritchie was ready, willing and able to explain the deeper meanings in his pieces.

» be willing and able to = estar dispuesto a, estar preparado y dispuesto a, estar dispuesto y deseoso a.

Example: It was the first time any government had committed itself to providing work for any person who was willing and able to work.

» disable = discapacitar, limitar, desactivar, deshabilitar. [Pincha en para ver otras palabras que comienzan con este prefijo]

Example: There are socializing factors which further disable those children who lack such basic support.

» unable to = incapaz de.

Example: Self-effacing nervousness causes the epiglottis to tighten, strangling the words in the throat and stiffening the diaphragm so that it is like pulled-out elastic unable to propel anything.

able2 [Lista de palabras con que acaban con este sufijo. Véase además el sufijo ]


» abominable = abominable, detestable, repugnante, aborrecible. 

Example: We're such an abominable, sick society that we won't make the history books.

» absorbable = absorbible. 

Example: Absorbable materials have been used in surgery for many years.

» abstractable = resumible. 

Example: A vast majority of abstracting results in informative abstracts, since a majority of abstractable materials lend themselves to this form.

» acceptable = aceptable, asumible. 

Example: A 'see also' reference connects headings or index terms which are in some way related, where both of the headings are regarded as acceptable for use as headings for entries = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» accountable = responsable. 

Example: This is because the chief librarian is personally accountable to the next higher level of authority such as the mayor, the city council, the hospital director, or the university president = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» accruable = acumulable, que se acumula. 

Example: The author evaluates the vocational skills accruable through the study of literature.

» achievable = alcanzable, conseguible, realizable, al alcance. 

Example: It was a mission which appeared at the outset to be viable and achievable.

» acquirable = alcanzable, asequible. 

Example: Frederick Holler claims that 'Information retrieval (ie, reference work) is nothing less than a full-fledged discipline and not simply a minor skill acquirable as a byproduct of other studies'.

» actionable = implementable, aplicable, practicable, viable, factible. 

Example: One of the keys to helping teams improve designs through usability is making results actionable.

» adaptable = adaptable, flexible, versátil. 

Example: The intention was to make the interior finish as flexible and adaptable as possible = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» addressable = localizable. 

Example: Is the hardware configuration required by the software available, for example, amount of storage, number and capacity of disc drives, addressable screen cursors etc? = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» adjustable = ajustable, regulable, graduable. 

Example: Moxon's adjustable composing stick, which remained the normal English pattern and was also used apparently in Holland, Germany, and Scandinavia, was not the only sort of stick used in the hand-press period.

» admirable = admirable, digno de admiración. 

Example: The guidelines presented so far are admirable for abstracts of journal articles and research papers, but special considerations must be introduced for various types of documents = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» adoptable = adoptable. 

Example: The availability and access to information generated in any country in South Asia will be more appropriate and adoptable by other countries in the region than the sophisticated information from technologically advanced countries.

» adorable = adorable, encantador, lindo, monísimo, primoroso. 

Example: The sure-fire way to make people coo over your pet is it to dress it up in an adorable outfit.

» adorkable = raro pero adorable, friqui pero adorable, friki pero adorable, estrafalario pero adorable. [Palabra compuesta de adorable y dork. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: It's almost Christmas and I am searching for adorkable gift for my geek friends.

» advisable = aconsejable, conveniente. 

Example: End user searching is inevitable and a strategy for encouraging it is advisable.

» affordable = asequible, costeable, de precio razonable, económico. 

Example: Information will become more affordable, accessible, and plentiful.

» agreeable = agradable. 

Example: But Elizabeth Steinhagen was attracted to Santiago for far different reasons than its agreeable weather = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» allowable = permisible, permitido. 

Example: The combination of title lines, instruction line, and allowable answers is designed to tell you what step of the procedure you have reached = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» alterable = alterable, cambiable, modificable, transformable. 

Example: There are two versions of the system availale which provide storage, alterable by the user, which is maintained by a rechargeable battery for 1000 hours.

» amendable = enmendable, corregible. 

Example: Files are amendable in real time throughout library opening hours.

» amiable = amable, afable. 

Example: 'I can certainly understand your concern,' she ventured, speaking with a certain amiable casualness which she hoped would keep the edge off his annoyance, 'but we're really trying to protect the taxpayer's investment and the library's materials'.

» amicable = amigable, amistoso. 

Example: Feaver mentioned that she and Claverhouse frequently engage in some real 'donnybrooks,' as she put it, which invariably include a lot of amicable bantering, whenever they discuss anything.

» answerable = que se puede responder, que se puede contestar. 

Example: Community service centres would then forward information requests not answerable from local resources to an appropriate information service centre.

» applicable = aplicable. 

Example: Although it covers all knowledge it has been designed to be specifically applicable to the collections in school libraries = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» apportionable = distribuible, prorrateable. 

Example: The costs incurred and revenue received by or through the Publications Office are apportionable to the institutions individually.

» appreciable = apreciable, discernible, considerable, importante. 

Example: Cannabis often shows no appreciable effects the first time it is taken.

» approachable = asequible, accesible, afable. 

Example: Male librarians believed the public's image of themselves to be more submissive, meek, nervous, effeminate, reserved, following, subdued and less approachable, athletic, and attractive than the undergraduate sample actually saw them = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» arguable = debatible, cuestionable. 

Example: What is more arguable is whether or not it is a bibliographical pursuit at all since it bears little relationship to the physical nature of the book.

» arrestable = que puede causar detención. 

Example: This article provides specific examples of sexual behaviour as a guide to what is arrestable behaviour.

» ascertainable = determinable. 

Example: Under the facts presented, the exact date of the alleged tort is not ascertainable.

» assessable = calculable, medible, evaluable. 

Example: This is one of the first assessable skills which the young child can demonstrate and literacy normally carries greater prestige than numeracy.

» assimilable = asimilable. 

Example: Repackaging is the extraction of the meaning from the information sources discovered, rewording it, perhaps summarising it, and re-presenting it in a form more easily assimilable by the enquirer.

» assumable = asumible. 

Example: The option you negotiate must allow any debt the seller holds to be assumable by a future buyer.

» attainable = obtenible, alcanzable, realizable. 

Example: This technique's integration of brainstorming and theory principles establishes an effective, stimulating, innovative, rapid and attainable IRS = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» attributable = atribuible, imputable. 

Example: But the lack of attention is also attributable to the thought that most library users are seeking a particular author and title in the catalog, and therefore subject cataloging is not as important as descriptive = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» available = disponible, existente. 

Example: Mini and micro computers will become cheaper and information retrieval software will become available in more financially attractive, user friendly and tried and tested packages = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» avoidable = evitable, que se puede evitar. 

Example: This article describes the techniques of locating and reading library materials and also includes a few basic rules and some avoidable pitfalls = Este artículo describe las técnicas de localización y lectura de los fondos de una biblioteca y también incluye unas cuantas reglas básicas y algunos errores que se pueden evitar.

» believable = creíble, verosímil, digno de crédito. 

Example: But information policy has to be relevant, practicable and believable, otherwise it is merely ignored.

» bendable = flexible, que se puede doblar fácilmente. 

Example: The bendable frame now allows the bike to be wrapped around a lamp post, with a regular bike lock able to secure the frame and both wheels.

» billable = facturable, Algo por lo que se puede cobrar. 

Example: This library can only e furnished with commercial products if usage is billable and protected.

» blamable [blameable] = condenable, censurable, culpable, vituperable, reprobable. 

Example: He said like a true philosopher that the offences which are committed through desire are more blamable than those which are committed through anger.

» bleachable = resistente a la lejía, que se puede lavar con lejía. 

Example: This type of bleach is gentle enough to pour directly on your bleachable whites.

» bookable = reservable, que se puede reservar. 

Example: This computer-generated catalog presents the Manitoba Department of Education's 16mm film holdings found in its bookable and its self-serve collections.

» bookable = sancionable. 

Example: As a referee, I can tell you for a fact that what he did was not bookable.

» bootable = de arranque. 

Example: To this end, the CD has to be bootable and you must change the computer's set-up.

» breakable = frágil. 

Example: Mother who rely on physical punishment generally have infants who are more likely to ignore maternal prohibitions and manipulate breakable objects.

» breathable = respirable, transpirable. 

Example: Even by day artificial light was usually needed and, since the men refused to open the windows, the heat and fumes from gaslights rendered the air scarcely breathable.

» browsable = consultable, ojeable, hojeable. [En la búsqueda de información, entorno o contexto que permite la consulta de un modo aleatorio como opuesto a una búsqueda de información concreta y exacta. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: The Index Menu lists the browsable indexes for the database, with a two-letter label for each index = En la búsqueda de información, entorno o contexto que permite la consulta de un modo aleatorio como opuesto a una búsqueda de información concreta y exacta. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» budgetable = sin exceder el presupuesto. 

Example: Keep the price simple, flexible, understandable and budgetable, and when in doubt, overprice.

» calculable = calculable. 

Example: International exchange of publications between libraries has long been a successful solution to the problem of barter where no absolute value is calculable.

» cancellable [cancelable, -USA] = cancelable, rescindible. 

Example: The article is entitled 'A novel approach for cancelable biometrics'.

» capable = capaz, susceptible. 

Example: A modem is permanently wired, and converts digital messages which the terminal and computer understand into analogue messages capable of being transmitted down telephone lines = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» certifiable = demente, demencial. 

Example: The article is entitled 'certifiable lunacy or common sense? Combining your adult and juvenile collections'.

» certifiable = certificable. 

Example: It demonstrates how knowledge management helps create a corporate knowledge corpus that makes knowledge traceable and certifiable.

» changeable = cambiable, variable, mutable. 

Example: A child's set about books and reading may be deeply ingrained as a result or earlier reading experiences, or it may be temporary and changeable = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» chargeable = facturable, por el que se puede cobrar. 

Example: Libraries are having to decide at what point a service should become chargeable without creating a disadvantage to those who cannot pay = Las bibliotecas tienen que decidir cuándo se debería cobrar por un servicio sin crear un problema para los que no pueden pagar.

» chargeable = imputable. 

Example: Error is here taken to be an ever-present, but undesired, part of the world, rather than a 'chargeable offense'.

» charitable = benéfico, caritativo. 

Example: This article presents a basic overview of Ohio law on gambling as a guide to library foundations which are considering lotteries, raffles, and other charitable gambling activities as a means of raising money.

» citable = citable. [En bibliometría, se dice de un documento que puede ser objeto de cita. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: That definition leads to many of the factors to be considered revealing that each citation comes from a pool of citable items.

» classifiable = clasificable, que se puede clasificar. 

Example: Each institution has a library attached which is classifiable as medical, research, homeopathic, dental, and pharmaceutical.

» clickable = seleccionable. 

Example: This book introduces some of the more advanced Web graphics techniques, including: clickable image maps; and animated images.

» collectable = coleccionable. [También escrito collectible. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: In industrial societies even the poorest people acquire artefacts to embellish their surroundings; such 'bric-a-brac' may in some cases be the detritus of a previous age or a more affluent environment, and in some cases is destined to become 'collectable' in time to come.

» collectable = artículo coleccionable, objeto coleccionable. [También escrito collectible. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: This Web site covers articles on basketball with links to basketball related merchandise and collectables.

» comfortable = cómodo, confortable, seguro. 

Example: A modern comfortable library could look like that in Berlin's Tiergarten, with its opne-air gardens, or resemble Evanston's library with its comfortable chairs and elegant (and, one hopes, safe) fireplaces.

» commendable = encomiable, loable. 

Example: Simply adding a few books on rights, commendable though this may be, will not work miracles unless all aspects of the library service are relevant to the needs of all the community.

» communicable = comunicable, expresable, transmisible. 

Example: Wisdom is not communicable.

» comparable = comparable. 

Example: As data are received from many different sources, control is essential if the statistics needed to frame new policies are to be comparable.

» computable = computable. 

Example: This article presents a set of link types that are useful, specifiable, and computable.

» conceivable = concebible, imaginable, posible. 

Example: This article emphasises the importance of a preservation plan that includes ways of dealing with every conceivable type of disaster a library might experience.

» configurable = configurable. 

Example: The model will form the basis of a configurable user interface which could be adapted to the needs of different users accessing different databases.

» conformable = adaptable, flexible, amoldable, dúctil, acomodable, complaciente, conformista. 

Example: For transducing, the proposal relies on conformable strips hosting pressure sensitive units directly placed on the aircraft aerodynamic surfaces.

» considerable = considerable, importante, grande, mayúsculo. 

Example: The need to become familiar with different command languages for different hosts is a considerable barrier to effective retrieval.

» consumable = producto de consumo, consumible, fungible. 

Example: Increasingly worrying to all however was the provision of the expensive consumables of the IT trade -disks, tapes and stationery.

» controllable = controlable. 

Example: The set-top box may also contain remotely controllable descrambling circuits for services which are transmitted in a scrambled form.

» conversable = sociable, tratable, comunicador. 

Example: A full-grown horse or dog is beyond comparison a more rational, as well as a more conversable animal, than an infant of a day, or a week, or even a month.

» copyrightable = con derechos de autor. 

Example: In both cases, the public gets the chance to use copyrightable works.

» correctable = corregible. 

Example: This article considers the questions of planning the ideal library building and examines correctable design faults which occur time and time again.

» countable = contable, enumerable. 

Example: A set is countable if you can count its elements.

» creditable = digno de crédito, fiable, digno de confianza, encomiable, bueno. 

Example: Maybe there is not creditable model, but a lot of publishers are trying to be the onw who discovers the best approach.

» culpable = culpable. 

Example: A 'self-help' approach, whereby libraries cooperate to boycott periodical publishers who are considered to be culpable, may also be in violation of antitrust legislation.

» damnable = repudiable. 

Example: This attack is directed against a particular heresy; one which is widespread, but it is in my opinion none the less damnable.

» debatable = debatible. 

Example: Whether the juxtaposition of language with literature is as weighty an advantage as has on occasion been claimed is, I think, debatable = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» decidable = decidible. 

Example: They show conditions under which planning is decidable and undecidable.

» decipherable = descifrable. 

Example: Number Language statements are unambiguous and are decipherable by anyone knowing the rules of Number Language.

» decomposable = descomponible, analizable. 

Example: This strategy assumes that the brain is decomposable to relatively independent parts and levels and that our research instruments give adequate access to them.

» definable = delimitado, definible. 

Example: Nevertheless, it is highly desirable to have a separate definable area with tighter security.

» delectable = exquisito, delicioso, encantador, deleitoso. 

Example: It is a delectable opportunity to introduce a patron to the writings of a favorite author, such as M. Fisher, whose works, one hopes, will delight the patron both for their gastronomical tours de force as well as for the unforgettable anecdotes.

» deliverable = producto final, deliverable. [Nombre. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: The main deliverable of this project will be the final report = El principal producto de este proyecto será el informe final.

» deliverable = accesible, que se puede enviar. 

Example: The author discusses how the transformation of a printed document into an electronically deliverable form is to be achieved.

» demonstrable = demostrable. 

Example: If the information supplied is in error to such an extent that the client suffers demonstrable harm, then legal action for redress is available = Si la información suministrada es errónea hasta el punto de que el usuario sufra daños demonstrables, existe la posibilidad de entablar un juicio para buscar compensación.

» demountable = desmontable. 

Example: Furniture which traditionally has been conceived as 'fixed' or 'built in' is demountable and moveable.

» dependable = fiable, seguro, formal, cumplidor. 

Example: If the supplier is a dealer, then ensure that this is a reputable and dependable dealer who can provide help with installation, maintenance and support.

» deplorable = deplorable, lamentable, luctuoso, de puta pena. 

Example: We agree with Price that using the words 'citation' and 'reference' interchangeably is a deplorable waste of a good technical term.

» deployable = aplicable, adaptable. 

Example: In addition, it should be deployable for new languages an order of magnitude more quickly than traditional technologies.

» deployable = portátil. 

Example: The deployable intelligence system developed by the US Air Force is conceptually similar.

» describable = describible. 

Example: The second exercise in this course was to outline priorities in library services which had to be concrete, describable and achievable.

» desirable = deseable, conveniente, adecuado, deseado, preferido, solicitado. 

Example: It is desirable that they be treated as parts of a single serials record, since this will provide a 'one-stop' file containing all the relevant data, and will produce a file with a number of funtions = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» detachable = que se puede separar, que se puede quitar, desmontable, suelto. 

Example: Manufacturers have produced screens which can be tilted and moved from side to side, together with detachable keyboards which can be placed in the most comfortable position.

» detectable = detectable, perceptible. 

Example: Most of the anomalies that are discovered are only detectable with the use of expert knowledge.

» determinable = determinable, calculable. 

Example: The authentic name of ethnic, national, religious, social, or sexual groups should be established if such a name is determinable.

» determinable = rescindible. [Usado generalmente para contratos y acuerdos. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: The question in this case is whether it was a contract determinable at will, or of perpetual.

» detestable = detestable, odioso, abominable, aborrecible. 

Example: He then made the comment that our soldiers are fighting 'detestable murderers and scumbags'.

» dinstinguishable = distinguible. 

Example: Entries, if there is more than one displayed at one time, should be clearly distinguishable.

» disagreeable = desagradable, hosco, sieso. 

Example: Then I came within this disagreeable person's atmosphere, and lo! before I know what's happened I'm involved in an unpleasant altercation.

» disclosable = revelable, que se puede revelar, que se puede hacer público. 

Example: All government records are disclosable unless specifically made exempt.

» discoverable = descubrible. 

Example: Ease of access to such archives is limited by the absence of easily discoverable user policy.

» discreditable = deshonroso, vergonzoso. 

Example: It is at least arguable that the discreditable popular image is to some extent a reflection of his own self-image, and that the sad irony of the librarian is that people have come to accept him at his own valuation.

» dismountable = desmontable. 

Example: Most laparoscopic instruments are partially dismountable so that they can be cleaned and washed properly.

» dispensable = prescindible. 

Example: However, slides are subject to fading because of their exposure to light and it must be realised that they are not permanent, but dispensable.

» displayable = posible de ser visto en pantalla. 

Example: By pressing this key, we obtain a list of searchable and displayable fields in the current file.

» disposable = desechable, de usar y tirar, de un solo uso, no reutilizable. 

Example: We can no longer treat automation projects as interesting experiments, which are disposable if they fail = Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo.

» disreputable = con dudosa reputación, con mala fama, con mala reputación, de mal vivir. 

Example: Items from disreputable publishers may be ignored, whereas items from the respected publishers would always be abstracted = Los documentos de editores de dudosa reputación se podían ignorar, mientras que los de editores respetados siempre se resumían.

» dissolvable = disoluble. 

Example: A British fashion designer and scientists from two UK universities have teamed up to make a dissolvable dress.

» distinguishable = distinguible. 

Example: Of more interest, perhaps, than the rankings themselves is the evidence of change in schools' prestige, and the distinguishable trends in this change, over 16 years.

» distributable = distribuible. 

Example: Between academic and entertainment programming, the system carries 60 channels distributable to 1,800 rooms.

» doable = factible, posible, viable. 

Example: This has opened up issues of what is & is not thinkable &, therefore, doable in the present conjuncture of crisis & instability.

» downloadable = descargable, que se puede copiar. 

Example: The author explains the differences between image files, ASCII full text which is searchable, and ASCII full text which is displayable and downloadable but not searchable, and gives examples of these.

» durable = duradero, resistente. 

Example: The slips are cheaper, but less durable than cards.

» eatable = comible, comestible. 

Example: So, food repulsions take root in social imagination and the logic of food classification show what is eatable or not, what disgusts and what soils the soul.

» embraceable = abarcable. 

Example: With this in mind we can say that an aim is endorsable exactly if its realization is embraceable.

» employable = utilizable. 

Example: It was not our aim to make the reader highly proficient in all methods employable in the construction of subject catalogues.

» endorsable = endosable. 

Example: With this in mind we can say that an aim is endorsable exactly if its realization is embraceable.

» endurable = aguantable, soportable, tolerable, llevadero. 

Example: Laws must be made endurable or else they will not be obeyed.

» enforceable = que se puede hacer cumplir, válido, valedero, aplicable. 

Example: By-laws are prohibitive -- ie they tell people what they are not allowed to do -- and they are enforceable at law.

» enjoyable = agradable, divertido. 

Example: Having made this prefatory warning, it has also to be said that many teachers successfully contrive to make reviewing an enjoyable and useful ingredient in their book and reading programs.

» enumerable = enumerable. 

Example: The social transformations that took place made public life more systematic, enumerable, & quantifiable.

» enviable = envidiable. 

Example: The success that ACPAD has had in attracting donations suggests that it has established an enviable record as an efficient and effective distributor of publications to institution libraries.

» equable = ecuánime, sereno. 

Example: Laura Carpozzi approached the banker with an equable, friendly smile.

» equitable = equitativo, en igualdad de condiciones, en condiciones de igualdad. 

Example: The article suggests that this technique is the most transparent and equitable system yet devised.

» erasable = borrable. 

Example: The technology is still developing and it is anticipated that the future will bring the erasable optical disc.

» estimable = estimable. 

Example: A wholly estimable rush of enthusiasm on the part of IT staff could devour all available spare resources overnight if severely rationed 'hands on' experience time was exceeded.

» exchangeable = intercambiable. 

Example: Undoubtedly the absence of a reservoir of exchangeable material has severely reduced the overall level of appreciation of the value of thesis material.

» excusable = excusable, perdonable, disculpable. 

Example: Smothering an excusable curse, Modjeski asked: 'How much longer is Wade likely to be out?'.

» execrable = execrable, detestable, odioso. 

Example: It's not often that I take on board the views of the execrable Katrina Heuvel, but sometimes she inadvertently puts things in a highly useful perspective.

» executable = ejecutable. [Procesable por el ordenador. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: Batch file programs can call other executable files and have control return to the calling program on termination.

» expandable = expandible. 

Example: This article outlines the inherent characteristics of information - human, expandable, compressible, substitutable, transportable, diffusive and shareable and discusses what effect these qualities have on the library profession.

» expendable = prescindible. 

Example: Tradition-bound acquisitions librarians may soon find themselves expendable -- acceptance of new technologies is essential for the survival of the acquisitions librarian.

» explainable = explicable. 

Example: These discrepancies in success in the job market are explainable in highly specified situations.

» explicable = explicable. 

Example: In both schemes philosophy, psychology, and religion are clustered together, a grouping explicable in terms of their nineteenth-century origins.

» exploitable = explotable, utilizable, aprovechable. 

Example: Information must be viewed as a precious public asset to be leveraged for the benefit of society as a whole, not as an exploitable economic commodity for the monetary gain of a few = La información debería verse como un valor público precioso que se debe usar en beneficio de toda la sociedad, no como un artículo de consumo explotable económicamente para que unos pocos ganen dinero.

» expressable = expresable. 

Example: The application of these skills to all subjects expressable in documents obviously requires a breadth of knowledge lying far beyond the capabilities of a course such as this to inculcate.

» extendable = extensible, ampliable. 

Example: The system is adaptable, extendable, modular and fast.

» eye-readable = legible. [Normalmente usado para diferenciar un documento entre su formato interpretable por el ordenador y su formato legible bien impreso o en pantalla. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que terminan con este sufijo]

Example: The length of time taken from the publication of a book to the appearance of a related full bibliographic record in machine-readable or eye-readable form can be many weeks.

» fashionable = de moda. 

Example: This is probably one of the most comfortable and fashionable outfits I have ever worn.

» fathomable = escrutable, comprensible, inteligible, escudriñable, conmensurable, sondable. 

Example: Among other things, this would impede assessing the health needs of our population, and would serve no fathomable purpose.

» fileable = archivable. 

Example: However, if one of the documents is not fileable, that document will be rejected and a refund will be sent.

» fileable = afilable. 

Example: The blade will still be soft enough to be fileable.

» fillable = rellenable. 

Example: Organizations should ensure that forms designed to be printed and then filled out are also made electronically fillable.

» findable = encontrable. 

Example: I can readily visualize how an online catalog will make a particular book more readily available and findable.

» fixable = corregible, que se puede arreglar. 

Example: A broken computer, though annoying, is a fixable or preventable catastrophe.

» flammable = inflamable. 

Example: As both a fire and safety precaution flammable liquids must be kept in a cabinet which can contain fire.

» foldable = plegable. 

Example: As far as we know the possibility of using foldable and stackable containers in wood transport has not yet been described in the literature.

» fordable = vadeable, franqueable. 

Example: It is a narrow stream, but perennial, and even during the spring and summar month is only fordable at certain places.

» forecastable = pronosticable, predecible. 

Example: One unusual feature characterizes demographic changes -- they are forecastable years in advance.

» foreseeable = previsible. 

Example: At the end of the day, the greatest need for the foreseeable future remains space for books and ordinary readers.

» forgettable = fácil de olvidar, olvidable, poco memorable. 

Example: The series can easily be described as forgettable and vastly undistinguished.

» formidable = formidable, terrible, imponente, solemne, impresionante, tremendo, monumental, extraordinario, mayúsculo. 

Example: 'It's up to you to see that things are done,' she defended herself, somewhat nervous and abashed by his formidable stare.

» freezable = congelable. 

Example: Freezable beverages can be made using a small amount of alcohol and a reduced amount of sorbitol or other soluble solids.

» friable = friable, desmenuzable. 

Example: The coucher carefully turned the first mould over on to a piece of felt, on which the new and still friable piece of paper was deposited.

» fuckable = follable, jodible, chingable. 

Example: These girlies have some giant big round fuckable asses with juicy pink pussies.

» fundable = financiable. 

Example: Experience shows that there is a big difference between a feasible business idea and a fundable business idea.

» graspable = abarcable, aprehensible, comprensible, inteligible. 

Example: For example, Gibson indicated that 'to be graspable, an object must have opposite surfaces separated by a distance less than the span of the hand'.

» hospitable = flexible. 

Example: It is necessary that any notation be hospitable to the insertion of new subjects.

» hospitable = hospitalario, acogedor. 

Example: The effort involved in creating an hospitable niche is repaid by the stimulus such courses provide to staff members.

» identifiable = identificable. 

Example: Knowledge generally evolves from an identifiable base, and often new subjects arise from the coming together of two previously separate subjects.

» illimitable = ilimitado. 

Example: For a century we have been repeating inanities and keeping up this timid, non-committal retreat from society, but if we think of ourselves as communicating librarians we may see our inescapable involvement within the confines (but the illimitable confines) of our profession.

» imaginable = imaginable. 

Example: The actual or potential availability of virtually any imaginable data bases on CD-ROM is now a reality.

» immeasurable = incalculable, inmenso. 

Example: Immeasurable recognition can be gained from increasing the library's responsiveness to the business community.

» immovable = inamovible. 

Example: One wall is our common mortality; it is rigid and immovable, for death comes to all men.

» immutable = inmutable. 

Example: This is an immutable axiom, which can be assumed to hold true for the foreseeable generations of computing systems and systems analysts.

» impalpable = impalpable. 

Example: The impalpable nature of human relations can add up to a situation that bears little resemblance to the logical and ordered material discussed in class.

» impassable = intransitable, infranqueable. 

Example: Cyclonic weather conditions have made roads and bridges totally impassable.

» impeachable = objeto de delito contra el estado, recriminable. 

Example: The author categorizes an impeachable offense as one that threatens the safety of the country, either as treason or bribery.

» impeccable = impecable. 

Example: Oxford University Press have been very successful in establishing their 'brand image' with the Oxford dictionaries which have distinguished editors of impeccable qualifications but the books are still marketed primarily as Oxford books.

» impenetrable = impenetrable. 

Example: The variety of services, programmes and agencies, both official and voluntary, created an impenetrable maze for the individual.

» imperishable = imperecedero, no perecedero. 

Example: Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever increasing in value.

» impermeable = impermeable, impermeabilizado. 

Example: The sheets of paper were dipped by handfuls into hot size, a solution of animal gelatine made from vellum or leather shavings boiled in water, to make them relatively impermeable.

» imperturbable = imperturbable. 

Example: 'I always hit him on the top of his highs when I want something,' the imperturbable Passantino answered = "Siempre espero a que esté eufórico para darle el sablazo cuando quiero algo", respondió el imperturbable Passantino.

» implacable = implacable, inexorable, incesante, despiadado. 

Example: The implacable reduction in the dissemination of public documents constitutes a rebarbative policy that threatens the quality of reference services in libraries.

» implantable = implantable. 

Example: With the introduction of the multifunction implantable pacemaker/cardioverter/defibrillator, it is increasingly important to detect and identify arrhythmias automatically.

» imponderable = imponderable. 

Example: Such considerations whether invested with the gravitas assumed by LSIC whenever they address such imponderables or when issued by freebooting critics miss the mark.

» impracticable = impracticable. 

Example: A local group, initially, felt there was a need in the community for a library, but financially this was deemed impracticable.

» impregnable = impenetrable, inexpugnable, invulnerable. 

Example: While elephants are relatively impregnable to most predators, male lions present a very real threat.

» improbable = improbable. 

Example: Meanwhile the ALA and others are making wildly improbable statements about the supposedly numerous opportunities for library school graduates due to the alleged shortage of librarians.

» improvable = mejorable. 

Example: The experiments involved large samples of subjects living in potentially improvable residential areas.

» inadvisable = desaconsejable, poco aconsejable, poco recomendable. 

Example: Then, if videotex systems merge with other existing automated systems it would seem inadvisable to offer a system with inferior retrieval performance.

» inalienable = inalienable. 

Example: There are no such things as authors' rights in the UK, copyright can be leased or sold or otherwise disposed of; in other EEC countries authors have certain inalienable rights over their own works.

» inapplicable = inaplicable, inadecuado, irrelevante. 

Example: Measures to alleviate the financial strain through cooperation, technology or fund-raising are often inapplicable.

Able synonyms

fit in spanish: ajuste, pronunciation: fɪt part of speech: verb, noun competent in spanish: competente, pronunciation: kɑmpətɪnt part of speech: adjective healthy in spanish: sano, pronunciation: helθi part of speech: adjective capable in spanish: capaz, pronunciation: keɪpəbəl part of speech: adjective able-bodied in spanish: sin discapacidad, pronunciation: eɪbəlbɑdid part of speech: adjective

Able antonyms

unable pronunciation: əneɪbəl part of speech: adjective not able pronunciation: nɑteɪbəl part of speech: adjective
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