Abject in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbiektoʊ part of speech: adjective
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abject = abyecto, despreciable, indecente, abatido, lamentable. 

Example: Her art works incorporate such abject materials as dirt, hair, excrement, dead animals, menstrual blood and rotting food in order to confront taboo issues of gender and sexuality.


» abject despair = desesperación (más) absoluta, la.

Example: A season that finished in abject despair has spawned a season of great hopefulness.

» abject failure = fracaso (más) absoluto, el.

Example: Yet one of the Pope's key initiatives stands out for its abject failure: his push for a peaceful resolution to Syria's civil war.

» abject poverty = miseria (más) absoluta, la.

Example: The aim is to understand the processes which keep these households in their current state of abject poverty.

Abject synonyms

low in spanish: bajo, pronunciation: loʊ part of speech: adjective miserable in spanish: miserable, pronunciation: mɪzɜrəbəl part of speech: adjective submissive in spanish: sumiso, pronunciation: səbmɪsɪv part of speech: adjective contemptible in spanish: despreciable, pronunciation: kəntemptəbəl part of speech: adjective scurvy in spanish: escorbuto, pronunciation: skɜrvi part of speech: noun resigned in spanish: resignado, pronunciation: rɪzaɪnd part of speech: adjective unfortunate in spanish: desgraciado, pronunciation: ənfɔrtʃənət part of speech: adjective hopeless in spanish: sin esperanza, pronunciation: hoʊpləs part of speech: adjective scummy in spanish: espumoso, pronunciation: skʌmi part of speech: adjective low-down in spanish: Bajo abajo, pronunciation: loʊdaʊn part of speech: noun, adjective unhopeful in spanish: sin esperanza, pronunciation: ənhɑpəfəl part of speech: adjective
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