Ability in spanish


pronunciation: kɑpɑθidɑd part of speech: noun
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ability = habilidad, capacidad, posibilidad. 

Example: The ability to search on word stems is particularly valuable where the text to be searched is in free-language format.


» academic ability = capacidad académica.

Example: Recent studies suggest that reading in Spanish may have positive effects on the reading attitudes and academic abilities of Spanish-speaking children and adolescents in the US.

» cognitive ability = habilidad cognitiva, capacidad cognitiva.

Example: No technology can function beyond the cognitive abilities of its constructor.

» disability = discapacidad, minusvalía, inhabilidad, incapacidad, insuficiencia. 

Example: All these influences are at work before a child goes to school, yet until quite recently we have behaved as though good teaching in good schools was enough to compensate for the disabilities of verbally impoverished children.

» gain in + the ability to = desarrollar la capacidad de.

Example: Syndicates tended to become smaller as their members gained in financial strength and in the ability to bear greater proportions of the risk.

» inability = incapacidad, imposibilidad.

Example: The catalog user is perhaps not quite so amused by his/her inability to divine why it's not GALERIE MIKRO BERLIN, but BERLIN, MUSEUM FUR VOLKERKUNDE (WEST BERLIN).

» intellectual ability = capacidad intelectual.

Example: One of the great glories of books is that there are plenty to suit everybody, no matter what our taste, our mood, our intellectual ability, age or living experience.

» mental ability = habilidad mental.

Example: In the make-up of good players physical ability goes hand in hand with mental ability.

» natural ability = habilidad natural.

Example: The human natural ability to store and process images and speech provides clues for improving access to online information.

» physical ability = habilidad física.

Example: In the make-up of good players physical ability goes hand in hand with mental ability.

» poor-ability = con pocas habilidades, poco diestro, poco hábil.

Example: The author evaluates the effectiveness of 'sidenotes' designed to improve reading comprehension and foster self-independence among poor-ability readers.

» problem-solving ability = capacidad de resolver problemas.

Example: When a library user comes to the reference desk in frustration and desperation -- perhaps in a rage or in tears, it is often an unforgettable (and sometimes unpleasant) opportunity to test one's problem-solving abilities and diplomatic talents.

» reading ability = habilidad lectora, nivel de lectura.

Example: Reading ability is the result of a prolonged formal educational process requiring practice, experience and access to print materials = La habilidad lectora es el resultado de un prolongado proceso formal de aprendizaje que requiere práctica, experiencia y acceso a material impreso.

» thinking ability = capacidad de razonamiento, habilidad de razonar.

Example: Tricky questions help you improve your thinking abilities and are the right food for critical thinking.

» to the best of + Posesivo + ability = lo mejor posible, lo mejor que pueda, de la mejor forma posible, de la mejor manera posible, del mejor modo posible, de acuerdo con + Posesivo + habilidades.

Example: It is the responsibility of the requesting library to verify, and where necessary complete the bibliographic details of the item requested to the best of its ability.

Ability synonyms

power in spanish: poder, pronunciation: paʊɜr part of speech: noun

Ability antonyms

inability pronunciation: ɪnəbɪlɪti part of speech: noun unfitness pronunciation: ənfɪtnəs part of speech: noun
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