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pronunciation: enθimɑ part of speech: adverb, adjective
In gestures

above1 = encima de, por encima de. 

Example: The Escape key is located above the 7 on the numeric pad of the IBM AT.


» above all = sobre todo, ante todo.

Example: Above all, we specified an inviting and functional, rather than impressive, building.

» above all else = principalmente.

Example: Bowers' definition, above all else, stresses the variety of purposes served by this study.

» above all things = sobre todas las cosas, sobre todo, ante todo, antes que nada.

Example: Above all things, this film is one woman's passionate protest against the thoughtless abuse of the weak by the strong.

» above average = por encima de la media.

Example: Results from 666 questionnaires (59.8% response) analysed showed that librarianship is still a predominantly female profession, with salaries above average for Quebec.

» above corruption = por encima de la corrupción.

Example: Andreas Papandreou was convinced that his power was inheritable and Mitsotakis was not 'above corruption'.

» above everything else = sobre todo.

Example: The province of bibliography is, above everything else, to relate all this to the text which it was the author's original intention to have written.

» above freezing = por encima de cero.

Example: It's been windy, but everyone is happy it's above freezing.

» above ground = sobre la superficie.

Example: Because the fact is that even earlier in life Aremis Slake had often escaped into the subway when things got rough above ground.

» aboveground = de superficie, por encima de la tierra.

Example: In this study, thirty-four-year-old chestnut trees were felled, measured and weighed to evaluate their aboveground biomass.

» above measure = inmensamente, enormemente, inconmensurablemente, de manera inconmensurable.

Example: Addames specifies the commodities vendible in Japan, describes the island and the people, who he says are of good nature, courteous above measure = Addames detalla las mercancías comercializables en Japon, describe la isla y su gente y nos dice que son bondadosos e inmensamente corteses.

» above + Posesivo + class = de una clase social superior.

Example: It's the story of Heathcliff, an orphan who falls in love with a girl above his class, loses her, and devotes the rest of his life to wreaking revenge on her.

» above + Posesivo + pay grade = fuera de + Posesivo + competencias, fuera de + Posesivo + responsabilidades, fuera de + Posesivo + habilidades, más allá de + Posesivo + competencias, más allá de + Posesivo + responsabilidades, más allá de + Posesivo + habilidades,por encima de + Posesivo + competencias, por encima de + Posesivo + responsabilidades, por encima de + Posesivo + habilidades.

Example: She was brainlessly commenting on something well above her pay grade and deserved to be reprimanded for her stupid comment.

» above + Posesivo + station = casarse con Alguien de una una clase/posición social superior.

Example: He managed to marry a woman slightly above his station , though she reminded him of that as often as she could = Él se las ingenió para casarse con una mujer de una clase social ligeramente superior, aunque ella se lo recordaba tan a menudo como podía.

» above reproach = por encima de toda duda, por encima de toda crítica.

Example: Librarians, if they are to use the library to criticise the status quo, must be above reproach, both in their work and professionally.

» above sea level = por encima del nivel del mar.

Example: At 6100 meters above sea level it is possible to bivouac among the crevasses in the last sharp spur of the original route.

» above suspicion = exento de toda sospecha, por encima de toda sospecha, fuera de toda sospecha, libre de toda sospecha.

Example: In the twentieth century raw food has found an ally above suspicion in dietetic science.

» above the level of the sea = por encima del nivel del mar.

Example: This hill is about 912 feet above the level of the sea and its conical figure, so different from the gibbous shape of the neighbouring hills, renders it a landmark to mariners coming from the east.

» a cut above = superior a los demás, sobresalir sobre los demás, sobresalir por encima de los demás, fuera de lo común.

Example: The article 'Is Redon a cut above?' critiques the work of Odilon Redon in light of a retrospective exhibition of his paintings, prints and drawings.

» a cut above the rest = superior a los demás, sobresalir sobre los demás, sobresalir por encima de los demás, fuera de lo común.

Example: To put it quite simply, the building is a cut above the rest with facilities fitted to the highest standards.

» be above = estar por encima de, no dignarse a, no caer en la bajeza de.

Example: To describe my friend as contemptible would perhaps be a bit harsh, so let it suffice to say that he was not above pulling a nasty trick on a companion.

» be above + Alguien = aventajar, superar, sobrepasar.

Example: Our team proved to be way above their opponents and romped to victory without breaking a sweat.

» be above board = ser honrado, ser legal, ser de fiar.

Example: What I really liked about him is that he was above board and honest in everything he said and did.

» be above everything = estar por encima de todo.

Example: It was above all her air of not being touched by anything, her manner of seeming as it were above everything, that tipped the scales in favour of her rival.

» be above good and evil = estar por encima del bien y del mal.

Example: Any religion or ideology that is above good and evil produces enormous evil.

» be above + Posesivo + head = resultar difícil de entender, ser difícil de entender, estar por encima de + Posesivo + capacidad; estar por encima de + Posesivo + posibilidades; ser demasiado para Alguien.

Example: There is so much happening in the world today that I want to talk about with my children, but they are still young and some of it is above their heads = Hay tantas cosas que están pasando en el mundo hoy día y que me gustaría comentar con mis hijos, pero son pequeños todavía y algunas cosas les resultan difícl de entender.

» be way above all the others = ser muy superior a los otros, ser muy superior a los demás.

Example: We had a pretty tight budget but Spector 360 was in the ballpark for us and we felt it was way above all the others when it came to features and benefits.

» far above = muy por encima de.

Example: It has been spewing plumes of ash and gas far above its crater and volcanologists say its activity has been on the upswing.

» keep + Posesivo + head above the water = mantenerse a flote, seguir a flote, no quebrar.

Example: Librarians must help libraries keep their heads above water in a difficult economic climate.

» live above + the poverty line = vivir por encima del umbral de pobreza.

Example: Not a single province in Canada pays a minimum wage that permits a full-time worker to live above the poverty line.

» over and above = por encima de, además de.

Example: Such posts were regarded as a welcome bonus over and above the traditional base market.

» over and above all = muy por encima de todo.

Example: Over and above all this and the book's most subtle feature is the novel's metaphoric nature.

» raise + Posesivo + head above the parapet = salir de + Posesivo + escondite, salir de + Posesivo + refugio.

Example: As Scots we are sometimes shy; we are sometimes afraid to raise our heads above the parapet; we are sometimes afraid to raise our voices.

» rise above + good and evil = elevarse por encima del bien y del mal.

Example: It is the story of Michel, who tries to rise above good and evil and give free rein to his passions.

» stand above + good and evil = estar por encima del bien y del mal.

Example: No one stands above good and evil -- no human being, no social class, no influential interest group, no cartel, no police apparatus, no army, and no state.

» stand + head and shoulders above = sacar más de una cabeza a, darle cien mil vueltas a, no llegarle (ni) a la suela del zapato.

Example: This is a gorgeous wine that stands head and shoulders above the vast majority of wines in its price range.

» stand out above + the rest = sobresalir por encima de los demás, destacar por encima de los demás, sobresalir sobre los demás, destacar sobre los demás, partir la pana.

Example: German culture stood above the rest of Latin Christendom in the late tenth and early eleventh centuries.

» stay above + Algo = mantenerse al margen de Algo.

Example: The academic librarian, by remaining neutral, can stay above the fray and does not need to take sides in order to provide scholars with access to the truth.

» way above = muy por encima de.

Example: Jim and I had a wonderful time, the entire experience has been way above our craziest dreams!.

above2 = citado más arriba. 

Example: Thus, potentially the scope of a catalogue code is wide, but in practice most codes are restricted to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 above.


» above-mentioned = mencionado antes, susodicho, arriba citado.

Example: Most the above-mentioned publications are available for purchase by the public through the normal channels.

» above-named = mencionado antes.

Example: I have not previously been supplied with a copy of the above-named article by any librarian.

Above synonyms

supra in spanish: supra, pronunciation: suprə part of speech: adverb higher up in spanish: más arriba, pronunciation: haɪɜrʌp part of speech: adverb to a higher place in spanish: a un lugar más alto, pronunciation: tuəhaɪɜrpleɪs part of speech: adverb in a higher place in spanish: en un lugar más alto, pronunciation: ɪnəhaɪɜrpleɪs part of speech: adverb

Above antonyms

below pronunciation: bɪloʊ part of speech: adverb beneath pronunciation: bɪniθ part of speech: adverb at a lower place pronunciation: ætəloʊɜrpleɪs part of speech: adverb to a lower place pronunciation: tuəloʊɜrpleɪs part of speech: adverb
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