Abroad in spanish

En el extranjero

pronunciation: enelekstɹ̩ɑnxeɹ̩oʊ part of speech: adverb
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abroad = en el extranjero. 

Example: Working with the library community both in this country and abroad, the Library has taken a leadership role in the standardization of the structure and content designators of machine-readable bibliographic records.


» go + abroad = ir al extranjero, salir al extranjero.

Example: Increasingly students from the affluent countries are going abroad as part of their 'educational experience'.

» go (away) on + holiday(s) abroad = ir de vacaciones al extranjero, salir de vacaciones al extranjero.

Example: I love going out on long walks in the countryside and going away on holidays abroad.

» move + abroad = irse a vivir al extranjero, mudarse al extranjero.

Example: I'm one of several million Americans who has moved abroad to find a better way of life at a lower price.

» study abroad = estudios en el extranjero, estudiar en el extranjero.

Example: 143 first professors in American medical schools before the Civil War were selected, and records of their academic origins, places of birth, and study abroad were collected from various biographical sources.

» study + abroad = estudiar en el extranjero.

Example: When everyone looks back on it they always seem to say that studying abroad is the experience of a lifetime.

» travel + abroad = viajar al extranjero.

Example: I have been told that eating Marmite for three weeks before travelling abroad helps to prevent mosquito bites.

» visit + abroad = viajar al extranjero.

Example: Today, because of increasing mobility, people learn about other cultures not just from reading books, going to museums, and visiting abroad, but also by getting to know people from these cultures living in their midst.

Abroad synonyms

foreign in spanish: exterior, pronunciation: fɔrən part of speech: adjective overseas in spanish: de ultramar, pronunciation: oʊvɜrsiz part of speech: adjective, adverb afield in spanish: al campo, pronunciation: əfild part of speech: adverb beyond the sea in spanish: más allá del mar, pronunciation: bɪɑndðəsi part of speech: adverb over the sea in spanish: sobre el oceano, pronunciation: oʊvɜrðəsi part of speech: adverb
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