Abscond in spanish


pronunciation: fugɑɹ̩se part of speech: verb
In gestures

abscond = escapar, huir, fugarse, andar escondido. 

Example: Hundreds of prisoners, including murderers, rapists and robbers, have absconded from open prisons since 1999.

Abscond synonyms

bolt in spanish: tornillo, pronunciation: boʊlt part of speech: noun absquatulate in spanish: absquatulado, pronunciation: æbskwɑtʃuleɪt part of speech: verb go off in spanish: seguir, pronunciation: goʊɔf part of speech: verb decamp in spanish: decampar, pronunciation: dəkæmp part of speech: verb run off in spanish: escapada, pronunciation: rʌnɔf part of speech: verb
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