Abstinence in spanish


pronunciation: ɑbstinenθiɑ part of speech: noun
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abstinence = abstinencia. 

Example: The article 'What our children are dying to know: AIDS information dissemination and the library' examines the paternalist approach (which censors information available and advocates abstinence) and the neutralist approach (which is based a respect for adolescent autonomy and reservation of moral judgement).


» sexual abstinence = abstinencia sexual.

Example: There is strong and widespread support of teaching sexual abstinence to American teens.

» take + a vow of abstinence = hacer voto de abstinencia.

Example: More and more American girls are taking a vow of abstinence from sex before marriage.

» vow of abstinence = voto de abstinencia.

Example: Rape can end even the best kept vow of abstinence and result in an unwanted embryo.

Abstinence synonyms

abstention in spanish: abstención, pronunciation: əbstentʃən part of speech: noun
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