Accelerator in spanish


pronunciation: ɑθeleɹ̩ɑdoʊɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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accelerator1 = acelerador. [Usado principalmente para los vehículos]

Example: The issue of sticking accelerators in Toyota cars is a nightmare for Toyota but a possible dream for savvy used car buyers.


» accelerator pedal = pedal del acelerador, acelerador.

Example: Like almost all modern cars, the accelerator pedal is not physically connected to the throttle.

» floor + the accelerator (pedal) = acelerar a fondo, pisar el acelerador a fondo, pisar a fondo.

Example: The long, open straight where we can floor the accelerator pedal is becoming an exotic rarity.

accelerator2 = acelerador. [Usado generalmente en electrónica. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que acaban con esta terminación]

Example: Considerable amount of work in this emerging area is now being done in our country by using accelerators of different types in different laboratories.


» accelerator board = tarjeta de aceleración, placa de aceleración.

Example: Accelerator boards such as Microsoft's MACH-20 are not suitable for use with older personal computers = Las tarjetas de aceleración como, por ejemplo, la MACH-20 de Microsoft, no son adecuadas para ordenadores personales antiguos.

» atomic particle accelerator = acelerador de partículas atómicas.

Example: Scientific equipment for the examination of rare books, manuscripts, and documents include the atomic particle accelerator; electron microscopy; photographic cameras, and ultraviolet lamps.

» particle accelerator = acelerador de partículas.

Example: Take for example the subject 'particle accelerators'; the schedule for these used 621.384.61 and .62.

Accelerator synonyms

gun in spanish: pistola, pronunciation: gʌn part of speech: noun gas in spanish: gas, pronunciation: gæs part of speech: noun catalyst in spanish: Catalizador, pronunciation: kætələst part of speech: noun throttle in spanish: acelerador, pronunciation: θrɑtəl part of speech: noun accelerator pedal in spanish: pedal acelerador, pronunciation: ækselɜreɪtɜrpedəl part of speech: noun gas pedal in spanish: acelerador, pronunciation: gæspedəl part of speech: noun particle accelerator in spanish: acelerador de partículas, pronunciation: pɑrtəkəlækselɜreɪtɜr part of speech: noun atom smasher in spanish: triturador de átomos, pronunciation: ætəmsmæʃɜr part of speech: noun throttle valve in spanish: la válvula del acelerador, pronunciation: θrɑtəlvælv part of speech: noun

Accelerator antonyms

anticatalyst pronunciation: æntɪkætəlɪst part of speech: noun
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