Acceptance in spanish


pronunciation: ɑθeptɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
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acceptance = aceptación, beneplácito. 

Example: Two remarkable features of the BM code are its acceptance of corporate authorship, and its use of form headings.


» acceptance rate = tasa de aceptación, nivel de aceptación, grado de aceptación.

Example: The acceptance rate of articles which are collaboratively authored tends to be higher than that for single-authored papers, thereby suggesting a positive relationship between collaboration and quality.

» acceptance speech = discurso de agradecimiento, discurso de ingreso, discurso de investidura.

Example: One of the more interesting aspects of the Oscars is the acceptance speeches that the winners give upon receiving their little gold statues.

» find + acceptance = encontrar aceptación.

Example: In the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 1st edition, microforms are treated as books and Brian Enright coined the term metabook in an attempt to solve this problem, but the term did not find wide acceptance = En la primera edición de las Reglas de Catalogación Angloamericanas, las microformas de trataban como libros y Brian Enright acuñó el término metalibro para intentar resolver el problema, pero el término no encontró aceptación.

» gain + acceptance = ser aceptado.

Example: The standard of LC cataloging has been generally recognized to be of a high order and so its records have gained wide acceptance.

» give + acceptance = aceptar.

Example: Even in 1678 this usage of the word 'bibliography' was hardly given full acceptance.

Acceptance synonyms

credence in spanish: crédito, pronunciation: kridəns part of speech: noun adoption in spanish: adopción, pronunciation: ədɑpʃən part of speech: noun sufferance in spanish: tolerancia, pronunciation: sʌfɜrəns part of speech: noun toleration in spanish: tolerancia, pronunciation: tɑlɜreɪʃən part of speech: noun

Acceptance antonyms

rejection pronunciation: rɪdʒekʃən part of speech: noun
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