Acceptability in spanish


pronunciation: ɑθeptɑbilidɑd part of speech: noun
In gestures

acceptability = aceptabilidad. 

Example: To determine the acceptability of the system to the prime users, a questionnaire was structured on the concept and circulated to all academic staff of the University.


» unacceptability = inaceptabilidad.

Example: An oft-cited example of an artificial barrier was the unacceptability, in prescriptive terms, of a statement such as 'Him and me loves Mary,' even though such a statement is fully comprehensible.

Acceptability synonyms

acceptableness in spanish: aceptabilidad, pronunciation: æksəpteɪbəlnəs part of speech: noun

Acceptability antonyms

unacceptability pronunciation: ənəkseptəbɪlɪti part of speech: noun unacceptableness pronunciation: ənəkseptəblənəs part of speech: noun
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