Accessibility in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkθesibilidɑd part of speech: noun
In gestures

accessibility = accesibilidad. 

Example: Accessibility to the documents stored in files is an important factor, so the physical storage is important.


» inaccessibility = inaccesibilidad.

Example: In order to overcome the problem of inaccessibility of the data in the library, it was decided to take remedial action.

Accessibility synonyms

availability in spanish: disponibilidad, pronunciation: əveɪləbɪləti part of speech: noun approachability in spanish: accesibilidad, pronunciation: æproʊætʃəbɪlɪti part of speech: noun handiness in spanish: manejabilidad, pronunciation: hændinəs part of speech: noun availableness in spanish: disponibilidad, pronunciation: əveɪləblnəs part of speech: noun

Accessibility antonyms

unavailability pronunciation: ənəveɪləbɪlɪti part of speech: noun inaccessibility pronunciation: ɪnəksesəbɪləti part of speech: noun unapproachability pronunciation: ənæproʊəʃəbɪlɪti part of speech: noun
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