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pronunciation: kuentɑ part of speech: noun
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account1 = exposición, presentación, informe, relato, historia. 

Example: In the interests of clarity an integrated account of the appropriate added entry headings is to be found in 21.29 and 21.30.


» by all accounts = sin lugar a dudas, a decir de todos, por lo que dicen todos.

Example: By all accounts, trafficking in human beings is increasing at staggering rates.

» eyewitness account = relato de primera mano, relato de testigo presencial.

Example: This book is a powerful eyewitness account of the Holocaust & how it affected both victims & oppressors.

» first-hand account = relato de primera mano.

Example: Canadian humanitarian aid worker gives first-hand account of the situation in Northern Iraq.

» give + an account of = describir.

Example: This article gives some background information on markup systems and gives a brief account of the Standard Generalised Markup Language (SGML).

» newspaper account = noticia de periódico.

Example: Primary and secondary sources including trial records, statutes, diaries, newspaper accounts and monographs on divorce, bigamy, polygamy, sex, etc., will be included.

» offer + an account of = ofrecer una visión de, analizar, examinar, informar.

Example: This article offers an account of the processes shaping the professionalisation of college and research librarianship within the framework of 4 contemporary sociological theories.

» put + Nombre + to good account = usar Algo bien, hacer buen uso de Algo, sacar provecho de, aprovechar, dar buen uso a Algo.

Example: They have begun not only to preserve the heritage but also to put it to good account.

» turn + Nombre + to good account = usar Algo bien, hacer buen uso de Algo, sacar provecho de, aprovechar, dar buen uso a Algo.

Example: It was rather an unpleasant situation, there in the depths of the forest, but Mackay turned it to good account.

» use + Nombre + to good account = usar Algo bien, hacer buen uso de Algo, sacar provecho de, aprovechar, dar buen uso a Algo.

Example: A very gifted man, he found what worked for him and used it to good account.

account2 = cuenta. 

Example: This enables people to draw cash by means of a debit card (as opposed to a credit card, to help distinguish between money that is in one's account and money being borrowed from the credit-card organization).


» account balance = saldo. [Generalmente de una cuenta bancaria]

Example: If your account balance is less than $1000, you will generally not be charged administration fees in excess of interest earned on your account.

» account book = libro de cuentas.

Example: Today, these account books help us understand more about the day-to-day life of colonists.

» account book balance = saldo del libro de cuentas.

Example: Ascertain that the beginning and ending account book balances agree with bank statement balances and that any differences can be reconciled.

» account holder = titular de la cuenta.

Example: In addition, 44% of account holders reported that they have become increasingly concerned about other types of attacks over the Internet.

» account name = titular de la cuenta, nombre de la cuenta.

Example: The account name field contains the name of the financial institution, company or individual either initiating or receiving the transfer.

» accounts payable = debe.

Example: This software includes separate programs for general ledger: accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and inventory.

» accounts receivable = haber.

Example: This software includes separate programs for general ledger: accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll and inventory.

» bank account = cuenta bancaria, cuenta en el banco.

Example: After testing 428 high school seniors on basic facts concerning credit, bank accounts, car insurance, housing rental, food and car purchase, their average score was only 42%.

» bank account holder = titular de cuenta bancaria.

Example: The recent spate of attacks on Internet bank account holders by fraudsters has extended to credit card accounts.

» checking account = cuenta corriente.

Example: Until then, automatic payments will continue to be charged to your checking account or credit card.

» current account = cuenta corriente.

Example: Despite growth in export volume in recent years, there has been a widening of the national current account deficit from 8.8% to over 20%.

» current accounts = interpretaciones.

Example: None of the current accounts of parenthood provides good reason for ascribing parenthood to gamete donors.

» deposit account = cuenta de ahorro(s), cuenta corriente.

Example: Just about everybody needs a deposit account to receive pay, pensions and other income and to draw out cash and pay bills.

» deposit + cash into a bank account = depositar dinero en una cuenta bancaria, depositar dinero en metálico en una cuenta bancaria, ingresar dinero en una cuenta bancaria, ingresar dinero en metálico en el banco, depositar dinero en efectivo en una cuenta bancaria, ingresar dinero en efectivo en una cuenta bancaria.

Example: What is the most amount of cash that can be deposited into a bank account without raising suspicion?.

» email account = cuenta de correo electrónico.

Example: University or industrial employment contracts seldom promise email accounts, space on servers, or other access rights.

» expense(s) account = cuenta de gastos.

Example: He got the axe after getting entangled in an expense account scandal tied to sexual harassment allegations.

» keep + Posesivo + accounts = mantener las cuentas.

Example: Although DOBIS/LIBIS must keep its accounts in a single currency, prices for documents may be entered in foreign currencies.

» open + a bank account = abrir una cuenta bancaria, abrir una cuenta en el banco.

Example: You can open a bank account at any time, but remember you have to put money in before you take it out.

» pay into + a bank account = ingresar en una cuenta bancaria.

Example: Crossed cheque means that it can only be paid into a bank account and cannot be paid in cash over the counter.

» render + an account of = rendir cuentas, dar cuenta.

Example: One obligation of a public institution is to render an account of itself to the people and show cause why they should continue to support it.

» satellite account = cuenta complementaria.

Example: The experience gained from the establishment of satellite accounts is described.

» savings account = cuenta de ahorro(s).

Example: The passbook is the traditional document to keep track of earnings in a savings account.

» settle + an account = saldar una cuenta.

Example: So far as possible the international traders exchanged books, but sometimes the balance was unequal and accounts were settled in money.

» standing account = orden permanente de pago.

Example: The program is written in dBase 3 and runs on an IBM PC/XT, and reports the number of searches performed and prints end-of-the-month invoices for users unassociated with the university but with standing accounts.

» take + account of = tener en cuenta, tomar en cuenta.

Example: Most of the centralised and shared cataloguing projects take account of and probably use the MARC record format.

» take into + account = tener en cuenta, tomar en cuenta, sopesar.

Example: Taking into account both indexing and searching effort a KWIC index is most appropriate for an index that will be studied only infrequently.

» take into + account + a viewpoint = tener en cuenta un punto de vista, tomar en cuenta un punto de vista.

Example: They should be in the best position to lobby all the key organizations so that their viewpoint can be taken into account when legislation is being drafted and discussed.



» not on any account = de ningún modo, de ninguna manera, bajo ningún concepto.

Example: They were given strict instructions that they were not on any account to make eye contact or speak to the star.

» on account of = debido a, por, dado que.

Example: Partly on account of the variety of bases for coverage there is significant overlap between the assortment of abstracting and indexing services.

» on no account = de ningún modo, de ninguna manera, bajo ningún concepto.

Example: On no account should the schedules of a classification scheme be modified in order to gain some dubious advantage of this kind.



» account for = dar cuenta(s) de, explicar, justificar, suponer, representar, concentrar, ser responsable de.

Example: The major four categories of physical forms outlined so far account for most of the published indexes and catalogues.

» hold + Nombre + to account = tener que responder de Algo, tener que dar cuenta de Algo, hacer responsable de Algo.

Example: And those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account -- to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day -- because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government = Y los que manejamos el dinero público tendremos que responder de ello (gastar con prudencia, cambiar malos hábitos y hacer nuestro trabajo a la luz del día) porque sólo entonces podremos restablecer la confianza entre el pueblo y su gobierno.

Account synonyms

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