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pronunciation: koʊntɑbilidɑd part of speech: noun
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» account for = dar cuenta(s) de, explicar, justificar, suponer, representar, concentrar, ser responsable de.

Example: The major four categories of physical forms outlined so far account for most of the published indexes and catalogues.

» hold + Nombre + to account = tener que responder de Algo, tener que dar cuenta de Algo, hacer responsable de Algo.

Example: And those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account -- to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day -- because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government = Y los que manejamos el dinero público tendremos que responder de ello (gastar con prudencia, cambiar malos hábitos y hacer nuestro trabajo a la luz del día) porque sólo entonces podremos restablecer la confianza entre el pueblo y su gobierno.

accounting = contabilidad. 

Example: Also available is a cross data base for multifile searching (BRS/CROSS), online accounting, private data bases services and an online catalogue service.


» accounting clock = reloj que registra el tiempo de conexión.

Example: LOGOFF is used to leave the search session and stop the accounting clock.

» accounting department = departamento de contabilidad.

Example: This is a reminder that the order was to be prepaid and that the accounting department has already received the request to pay the vendor.

» accounting file = fichero de cuentas.

Example: This article presents some practical tips to help users of DIALOG's DIALOGLINK including buffer size, screen speed-up, startup short cuts, dealing with accounting files and use of DIALOGLING with other services.

» accounting firm = empresa de contabilidad.

Example: He headed one of the largest accounting firms in the country and took it to greater heights.

» accounting office = departamento de contabilidad.

Example: This is usually achieved through monthly records prepared by the accounting office.

» accounting system = sistema de contabilidad, sitema contable.

Example: Think of the accounting system as a wheel whose hub is the general ledger.

» accounting year = año contable, año fiscal, ejercicio económico, ejercicio fiscal.

Example: Short-term plans, on the other hand, usually coincide with the accounting year.

» accrual accounting = contabilidad de valores devengados.

Example: Accrual accounting, by means of which funds are considered expended at the time of encumbrance irrespective of when invoices are paid, is their preferred method of controlling expenditure = La contabilidad de valores devengados, según la cual la cantidad comprometida se considera como dinero gastado independientemente de cuándo se abonen las facturas, es su método preferido de control de gastos.

» cost accounting = contabilidad de costos, contabilidad de costes.

Example: Cost accounting helps your business thrive and grow by understanding the true cost of a product or service = La contabilidad de costes ayuda a que su negocio prospere y crezca al hacerle ver el verdadero coste de un producto o servicio.

» fund accounting = contabilidad.

Example: The resulting organisational changes are discussed, as well as workflow adjustments from preorder searching and ordering to receiving and fund accounting.

Accounting synonyms

account in spanish: cuenta, pronunciation: əkaʊnt part of speech: noun accountancy in spanish: contabilidad, pronunciation: əkaʊntənsi part of speech: noun accounting system in spanish: sistema de contabilidad, pronunciation: əkaʊntɪŋsɪstəm part of speech: noun account statement in spanish: estado de cuenta, pronunciation: əkaʊntsteɪtmənt part of speech: noun method of accounting in spanish: método de contabilidad, pronunciation: meθədʌvəkaʊntɪŋ part of speech: noun
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