Accredit in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkɹ̩editɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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accredit = certificar, homologar, reconocer. 

Example: This is a report of a survey of off-campus/extension courses in graduates library education programs accredited by the American Library Association.


» accredit + programme = homologar un programa.

Example: The master's degree in librarianship from a programme accredited by the American Library Association is a valid minimum educational requirement for library practice at the professional level.

» accredit school = institución reconocida. [Institución cuyos estudios han sido examinados y reconocidos como válidos por un organismo profesional]

Example: While there are some exceptions, the entry position usually requires five years of education beyond the secondary school with the fifth year culminating in graduation from an accredit school.

Accredit synonyms

credit in spanish: crédito, pronunciation: kredət part of speech: noun recognize in spanish: reconocer, pronunciation: rekəgnaɪz part of speech: verb
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