Accrual in spanish


pronunciation: debengoʊ part of speech: noun
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accrual1 = acumulación, suma, retención. 

Example: Calcium and possibly vitamin D intake throughout childhood and adolescence may enhance bone mineral accrual.

accrual2 = devengo, cantidad devengada, cantidad comprometida, total devengado, total comprometido. 

Example: This has allowed us to move towards an accrual system of accounting whereby estimates are prepared in which expenditure is tied to specified outputs.


» accrual accounting = contabilidad de valores devengados.

Example: Accrual accounting, by means of which funds are considered expended at the time of encumbrance irrespective of when invoices are paid, is their preferred method of controlling expenditure = La contabilidad de valores devengados, según la cual la cantidad comprometida se considera como dinero gastado independientemente de cuándo se abonen las facturas, es su método preferido de control de gastos.

Accrual synonyms

accumulation in spanish: acumulación, pronunciation: əkjumjəleɪʃən part of speech: noun accruement in spanish: acumulación, pronunciation: əkrumənt part of speech: noun

Accrual antonyms

unconsciously pronunciation: ənkɑnʃəsli part of speech: adverb
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