Accumulate in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkumulɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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accumulate = acumular. 

Example: Bureaux can be useful for proving trials, and the deferment of commitments until a suitable size of data base has been accumulated in the computer system.


» accumulate + debts = contraer deudas, acumular deudas.

Example: Although the firms have piled up cash they have also accumulated debts -- the latter outweighing the other.

» accumulate + evidence = recoger pruebas.

Example: Evidence is accumulating to show that videotaping the reference desk operation helps reference librarians see how -- as well as how not -- to do it = Se han recogido pruebas para demostrar que grabar en vídeo la operación del mostrador de referencia ayuda a los bibliotecarios a ver cómo (y cómo no) hacerlo.

» accumulate + fund = recaudar fondos.

Example: Their purposes was to settle the disputes between the members, to negotiate with master, to accumulate and disburse a benevolent fund, and to exact contributions for drinks and parties.

Accumulate synonyms

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