Accusation in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkusɑθioʊn part of speech: noun
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accusation = acusación. 

Example: In an attempt to provide counter-evidence to the accusation that the literature of gays is not being represented in library collections a study was conducted.


» accusation + level = acusación + hacer.

Example: Accusations levelled against publishers include unjustifiable price increases and a needless multiplication of the number of new journals = Las acusaciones hechas contra los editores incluyen aumentos injustificados de precios y una multiplicacion innecesaria de la cantidad de nuevas revistas.

» confront + Alguien + with accusation = acusar a Alguien.

Example: When a patron is accused of improper conduct and does not appear to present a danger, do not immediately confront the person with the accusation.

» drop + an accusation = retirar una acusación.

Example: She will stand trial on charges of tax fraud but accusations of money laundering against her have been dropped.

» make + an accusation = acusar.

Example: From time to time the accusation is made that libraries are run for the convenience of the staff.

Accusation synonyms

charge in spanish: cargar, pronunciation: tʃɑrdʒ part of speech: noun accusal in spanish: acusación, pronunciation: əkjuzəl part of speech: noun
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