Accused in spanish


pronunciation: ɑkusɑdoʊ part of speech: noun
In gestures

accuse = acusar, tildar, imputar, echar en cara. 

Example: He accused her of lying when they said she was at the movies when she had called in sick.

accused = acusado, inculpado, imputado, reo, demandado. 

Example: In both areas, a much higher proportion of men than women were both accusers & accused.


» accused person = acusado.

Example: Where there are more than one accused persons, the incriminating circumstances would have to be individually weighed.

Accused synonyms

suspect in spanish: sospechar, pronunciation: səspekt part of speech: verb, noun defendant in spanish: acusado, pronunciation: dɪfendənt part of speech: noun

Accused antonyms

plaintiff pronunciation: pleɪntəf part of speech: noun complainant pronunciation: kəmpleɪnənt part of speech: noun
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