Ache in spanish


pronunciation: doʊloʊɹ̩ part of speech: noun, verb
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ache1 = dolor, molestia. 

Example: Last year I did not prefer cushioned running shoes, but now I'm a year older with new aches and pains, so I want a shoe with added support.


» aches and pains = achaques, molestias y dolores.

Example: Last year I did not prefer cushioned running shoes, but now I'm a year older with new aches and pains, so I want a shoe with added support.

» backache [back-ache] = dolor de espalda.

Example: Back-ache, eye strain, tiredness, irritability, absenteeism and inefficiency are some of the problems that result from bad workstation design.

» earache = dolor de oído.

Example: The common cold, problems with tonsils and adenoids, and earache are discussed.

» headache = dolor de cabeza, jaqueca, quebradero de cabeza.

Example: Even the ones who don't complain say they have coughing fits at times, and itchy eyes, and headaches.

» heartache = pena, dolor, pesar, angustia, congoja, mal de amores, dolor de corazón, pena de amores.

Example: Lovelorn staff at a Japanese company can take paid time off after an upsetting break-up with a partner, with more 'heartache leave' offered as they get older.

» muscle ache = dolor muscular.

Example: The following categories of complaints are considered: eye strain and visual fatigue; migraine; epilepsy; muscle pain, aches, and strains; skin rashes; and stress.

» stomach ache = dolor de estómago, molestia de estómago.

Example: The symptoms of anxiety can include nausea, a hot tingling feeling, extreme nervousness, a stomach ache, and sweaty palms.

» toothache = dolor de muelas.

Example: The specific health problems investigated were a rash, a sore throat, a toothache, bleeding gums, an upset stomach, a cavity, and a bad headache.

» tummy ache = dolor de barriga.

Example: Tummy ache or abdominal pain is pain of any sort in or around the abdomen -- the area of the body between the chest and the legs.

ache2 = doler, estar dolorido, sentirse dolorido. 

Example: The something that had ached in Zach Ponderal all week and which he thought he had finally quelled, started aching again.


» ache for = desear, anhelar, añorar, ansiar.

Example: The conscious mind many times aches for, longs for and craves stability = Muchas veces la mente consciente anhela, añora y ansía la estabilidad.

» ache to be = anhelar ser.

Example: How she ached to be a poet and by some wizardry of pen capture the mysteries going on out there.

» make + Posesivo + heart ache = destrozar el corazón, romper el corazón.

Example: The idea that he was far away in more ways than just distance made her heart ache.

» stomach + ache = estómago + doler.

Example: It made her stomach ache just thinking about the divorce.

Ache synonyms

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