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pronunciation: loʊgɹ̩ɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
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achieve = conseguir, lograr. 

Example: The above citation order is achieved by the intercalation of (73).


» achieve + a connection = establecer una conexión.

Example: Acoustic couplers serve a similar purpose except that they are not permanently wired; the handset is placed in the acoustic coupler to achieve a connection once a telephone line had been opened.

» achieve + a goal = alcanzar una meta, lograr una meta.

Example: Productivity, in the form of goals achieved in providing improved services and resources, will be the measurement of good library management and planning.

» achieve + a high profile = convertirse en muy importante.

Example: Since then, preservation has achieved a high profile.

» achieve + a match = hallar lo buscado.

Example: To achieve a successful match is the central objective of information retrieval.

» achieve + an award = conseguir un premio.

Example: Our students have achieved many prestigious awards on a national and international level.

» achieve + an ideal = conseguir un ideal.

Example: There are 13 qualities for library employment which administrators should foster in order to achieve an ideal in work relations.

» achieve + an objective = conseguir un objetivo.

Example: The user has to be made aware of its possible existence, if our systems are to achieve their objective of making information available freely.

» achieve + a reputation = ganarse una reputación, ganarse la fama de.

Example: Scilken has deservedly achieved a reputation as the consumer advocate and gadfly of the profession during the 12 years of his directorship of the Orange Public Library in Orange, New Jersey.

» achieve + a result = lograr un resultado.

Example: Reports may be regarded as accounts from government establishments, scientific institutions, and industrial laboratories about work performed and results achieved, rendered to their clients and sponsors.

» achieve + a solution = conseguir una solución.

Example: Also, to become emotionally wedded to a particular view is to eviscerate one's effectiveness in achieving a workable solution.

» achieve + credibility with = ganarse la confianza de.

Example: Since they were operated as part of the local authority, they achieved little credibility with residents.

» achieve + critical mass = alcanzar masa crítica.

Example: One of the important part played by list moderators is planting 'seeds' in new discussion groups that have not yet achieved critical mass.

» achieve + maturity = alcanzar la madurez.

Example: Becker concludes, pessimistically, that the library has 'no role to play in solving the problem of how non-college youth are to achieve maturity'.

» achieve + nothing = no conseguir nada, no llevar a ninguna parte.

Example: The physical effort of keeping tabs on people as well as the distasteful practice of checking up on staff output achieves nothing and may do considerable damage.

» achieve + notoriety = adquirir fama.

Example: Gourman Reports have achieved notoriety among librarians.

» achieve + Posesivo + full potential = lograr desarrollar el potencial de Algo, aprovechar las posibilidades de Algo, desarrollar el potencial de Algo, conseguir realizarse plenamente.

Example: Until this preference is shifted to on-line full text retrieval, the data base industry will achieve only a fraction of its full potential.

» achieve + Posesivo + potential = aprovechar + Posesivo + posibilidades, realizarse, lograr desarrollar el potencial de Algo, desarrollar el potencial de Algo.

Example: A new year is coming, students who fail to plan will lengthen the odds of achieving their potential.

» achieve + returns = producir beneficios.

Example: This article seeks to explain why current on-line products have, despite tremendous capitalisation, not yet achieved satisfactory returns, but have provided the necessary building blocks towards future products.

» achieve + success = tener éxito, obtener éxito, conseguir éxito.

Example: Some success was achieved in 1851 by boiling straw in caustic soda and mixing it with rag stock, but the resulting paper was still of poor quality and was little used by printers.

» achieve + the impossible = lograr lo imposible, conseguir lo imposible.

Example: While SDI systems may not be able to achieve the impossible, they can function very effectively within a particular organization.

» achieve + understanding = comprender.

Example: From time to time it may be necessary to consult external references sources in order for the indexer to achieve a sufficient understanding of the document content for effective indexing.

Achieve synonyms

reach in spanish: alcanzar, pronunciation: ritʃ part of speech: verb, noun accomplish in spanish: realizar, pronunciation: əkɑmplɪʃ part of speech: verb attain in spanish: alcanzar, pronunciation: əteɪn part of speech: verb
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