Acidity in spanish


pronunciation: ɑθideθ part of speech: noun
In gestures

acidity = acidez. 

Example: If the spot stays yellow the paper is decidedly acid; an in-between colour (green, grey, grey-green, yellow-green) indicates mild acidity; while if the spot goes purple, the paper is near-neutral or alkaline.


» paper acidity = acidez del papel.

Example: This article discusses how the longevity of paper is affected by paper acidity and trace metal compounds in the paper.

Acidity synonyms

sour in spanish: agrio, pronunciation: saʊɜr part of speech: adjective sourness in spanish: acidez, pronunciation: saʊrnəs part of speech: noun acidulousness in spanish: acidez, pronunciation: əsɪdəluznəs part of speech: noun

Acidity antonyms

alkalinity pronunciation: ælkəlɪnəti part of speech: noun
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