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pronunciation: ɑktibistɑ part of speech: noun
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activist = activista, militante. [Pincha en para ver otras palabras que acaban con esta terminación]

Example: The Fawcett Library's collection of materials concerning the feminist theorist and activist, Teresa Billington-Grieg, is described.


» animal activist = defensor de los animales, activista de los animales.

Example: Animal activists believe that banning cock-fighting will do little to control it.

» animal rights activist = defensor de los derechos de los animales.

Example: The ease with which the home addresses of company directors may be obtained from databases has been highlighted by the dangers faced by directors of biotechnology companies by animal rights activists.

» citizen activist = defensor de los derechos de los ciudadanos.

Example: Cutbacks will have the most severe impact on citizen activists who rely heavily on accessible data and least impact on the lobbyists who are least dependent on government data.

» civil society activist = defensor de los derechos civiles.

Example: Many civil society activists are becoming increasingly disenchanted with UN summits.

» community activist = representante de la comunidad.

Example: This seminar brought together librarians, educators, publishers and community activists to explore 'New Roads to Promoting Reading'.

» consumer activist = activista contra el consumismo, militante contra el consumismo.

Example: Other activities involve students in taking field trips to the local greengrocery and/or butcher's shop, and listening to nurses, consumer activists and othe guest speakers.

» human rights activist = defensor de los derechos humanos.

Example: With deep concern we have witnessed the attempts by Tunisian authorities to silence journalists and human rights activists in the run-up and during the summit.

» peace activist = militante de la paz, defensor de la paz.

Example: An example of 'weasel word' usage might be the description of a bombing campaign -- a peace activist might describe it as 'genocide' whereas a military spokesperson might use the term 'collateral damage'.

» political activist = militante político.

Example: This is the best way for intellectuals and political activists to connect with the aspirations of the masses.

» pro-democracy activist = activista pro-democracia.

Example: In every oppressive nation, pro-democracy activists are working to stoke the fires of freedom, often at great personal risk.

» union activist = sindicalista, militante sindicalista, sindicalista militante.

Example: The second desertion came tonight as Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu, a longtime union activist, tendered her resignation.

Activist synonyms

active in spanish: activo, pronunciation: æktɪv part of speech: adjective militant in spanish: militante, pronunciation: mɪlətənt part of speech: adjective activistic in spanish: activista, pronunciation: æktəvɪstɪk part of speech: adjective
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