Acuity in spanish


pronunciation: ɑgudeθɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

acuity = agudeza. 

Example: Results indicate that UK chief librarians consider acuity of political knowledge to be crucial to management.


» intellectual acuity = agudeza intelectual.

Example: Librarians will always need intellectual acuity, commitment to quality and the ability to recognise human values.

» visual acuity = agudeza visual.

Example: The author discusses choice of visual display terminals according to human variables in size and visual acuity.

Acuity synonyms

keenness in spanish: agudeza, pronunciation: kinɪs part of speech: noun acuteness in spanish: agudeza, pronunciation: əkjutnəs part of speech: noun sharpness in spanish: nitidez, pronunciation: ʃɑrpnəs part of speech: noun sharp-sightedness in spanish: agudeza visual, pronunciation: ʃɑrpsaɪtednəs part of speech: noun visual acuity in spanish: agudeza visual, pronunciation: vɪʒəwələkjuəti part of speech: noun
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