Actual in spanish


pronunciation: reɑl part of speech: adjective
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actual1 = real, verdadero, auténtico. 

Example: It presents a case study based on an actual situation which arose between the chief librarian of a public library and the library janitor.


» actual practice = práctica real.

Example: The actual practice of the profession is at least as important as the intial education given to new entrants.

actual2 = en sí. 

Example: However, this does not in itself make the actual resources readily available.


» in actual fact = de hecho, en (la) realidad.

Example: Despite carefully framed acquistions policy statements regarding fiction in actual fact libraries allocate only a small percentage of their meagre book funds to fiction.

» in actual practice = en (la) realidad, en la práctica real, en términos reales.

Example: The supervisor in actual practice receives information not only from subordinates, but from superiors and from external sources.

Actual synonyms

current in spanish: corriente, pronunciation: kɜrənt part of speech: adjective, noun effective in spanish: eficaz, pronunciation: ɪfektɪv part of speech: adjective true in spanish: cierto, pronunciation: tru part of speech: adjective real in spanish: real, pronunciation: ril part of speech: adjective genuine in spanish: auténtico, pronunciation: dʒenjəwən part of speech: adjective literal in spanish: literal, pronunciation: lɪtɜrəl part of speech: adjective de facto in spanish: de facto, pronunciation: difæktoʊ part of speech: adjective, adverb factual in spanish: factual, pronunciation: fæktʃuəl part of speech: adjective existent in spanish: existente, pronunciation: egzɪstənt part of speech: adjective actualized in spanish: actualizado, pronunciation: æktʃuəlaɪzd part of speech: adjective

Actual antonyms

potential pronunciation: pətenʃəl part of speech: adjective, noun possible pronunciation: pɑsəbəl part of speech: adjective de jure pronunciation: didʒʊr part of speech: adjective, adverb
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