Adamant in spanish


pronunciation: fiɹ̩me part of speech: adjective
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adamant = firme, inamovible, inflexible. 

Example: The point is that even our most adamant, conservative faculty members are slowly dribbling in and saying, 'Could you add our name to your selective dissemination of information service?'.


» remain + adamant = permanecer inflexible.

Example: But her words fell on deaf ears: The two employees remained adamant -- either Florence worked overtime too, or they would not.

Adamant synonyms

inexorable in spanish: inexorable, pronunciation: ɪneksɜrəbəl part of speech: adjective intransigent in spanish: intransigente, pronunciation: ɪntrænsədʒənt part of speech: adjective diamond in spanish: diamante, pronunciation: daɪmənd part of speech: noun adamantine in spanish: adamantino, pronunciation: ɑdɑmɑntaɪn part of speech: adjective inflexible in spanish: inflexible, pronunciation: ɪnfleksəbəl part of speech: adjective
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