Adaptive in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdɑptɑdoʊ part of speech: adjective
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adaptive = adaptable, de adaptación, adaptado. 

Example: We can have intelligent information systems able to provide effective access to information depending on texts or documents through the autonomous, adaptive manipulation of concepts.


» adaptive keyboard = teclado adaptado. [Teclado adaptado a necesidades especiales]

Example: As I sit and type this article on an adaptive keyboard, I realize once again how many things each of us take for granted.

» adaptive response = cambio. [Cambio que se realiza para adaptarse a una nueva situación]

Example: It is too early to assess the success of the adaptive responses which have been instituted in most SLIS.

» adaptive technology = tecnología adaptada, tecnología adaptada a usuarios con necesidades especiales, adaptación tecnológica. [Sinónimo de assistive technology]

Example: This article describes the use of adaptive technologies for visually impaired people in libraries.

» adaptive vehicle = vehículo adaptado, transporte adaptado.

Example: A reputable adaptive vehicle dealer will know the ins and outs of each particular model available, and will be able to help you find the vehicle that will best suit your needs and your budget.

» mobile adaptive = adaptado a móviles.

Example: Every website needs to be mobile adaptive, these days the amount of people using mobile or tablets to seek information on the web has reached an almost 50:50 balance.

» self-adaptive = autoadaptable.

Example: The author describes research on self-adaptive software for situations that require highly flexible, dynamic systems able to respond within hard deadlines.

Adaptive synonyms

accommodative in spanish: cómodo, pronunciation: əkɑmədeɪtɪv part of speech: adjective reconciling in spanish: reconciliar, pronunciation: rekənsaɪlɪŋ part of speech: adjective adjustive in spanish: ajustivo, pronunciation: ədʒʌstɪv part of speech: adjective adaptative in spanish: adaptativo, pronunciation: ədæptətɪv part of speech: adjective adaptational in spanish: adaptativo, pronunciation: ædəpteɪʃənəl part of speech: adjective

Adaptive antonyms

maladaptive pronunciation: mælədæptɪv part of speech: adjective
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