Adapt in spanish


pronunciation: ɑdɑptɑɹ̩ part of speech: verb
In gestures

adapt = adaptar. 

Example: Order forms A and B can be adapted for local use.


» adapt to + change = adaptarse al cambio.

Example: Adapting to change -- and staying on top of the changes -- is a huge key to success in industry = Adaptarse a los cambios y controlarlos es una gran clave para triunfar en la industria.

» adapt to + Posesivo + environment = adaptarse a + Posesivo + entorno.

Example: Like other reptiles, iguanas are cold-blooded, egg-laying animals with an excellent ability to adapt to their environment.

» adapt to + the screen = adaptar al cine, adaptar para la pantalla.

Example: Her novels have been adapted for the screen most famously as the hit film Mrs Doubtfire starring Robin Williams.

» adapt to + the times = adaptarse a los tiempos.

Example: Those that adapt to the times and evolve to meet the needs of a changing world will thrive.

Adapt synonyms

embrace in spanish: abrazo, pronunciation: embreɪs part of speech: verb, noun accommodate in spanish: acomodar, pronunciation: əkɑmədeɪt part of speech: verb conform in spanish: ajustarse, pronunciation: kənfɔrm part of speech: verb espouse in spanish: adoptar, pronunciation: ɪspaʊz part of speech: verb adjust in spanish: ajustar, pronunciation: ədʒʌst part of speech: verb transcribe in spanish: transcribir, pronunciation: trænskraɪb part of speech: verb rewrite in spanish: volver a escribir, pronunciation: rɪraɪt part of speech: verb, noun sweep up in spanish: barrer, pronunciation: swipʌp part of speech: verb
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