Addendum in spanish


pronunciation: ɑpendiθe part of speech: noun
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addendum [addenda, -pl.]1 = adenda, suplemento, apéndice. [Parte de un documento impreso con posterioridad pero cuyo objetivo es acompañarlo, completando o corrigiendo el texto]

Example: The addenda is the part of a document printed subsequently but intended to accompany it, completing or correcting the text.

addendum [addenda, -pl.]2 = lista. 

Example: In this category the majority of programmes tend to stress technological considerations with a rather hopeful-seeming addendum of applications considerations.

Addendum synonyms

supplement in spanish: suplemento, pronunciation: sʌpləmənt part of speech: noun, verb postscript in spanish: posdata, pronunciation: poʊskrɪpt part of speech: noun
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