Back in spanish


pronunciation: espɑldɑ part of speech: adverb
In gestures

back1 = espalda. 

Example: Now he hasn't tried to kiss me, but he's always putting his hand on my shoulder or my arm or my back.


» a pat on the back = una palmadita en la espala, una palmada en la espalda.

Example: Congrats to the highest scorers, you all deserve a pat on the back for a job well done.

» backache [back-ache] = dolor de espalda.

Example: Back-ache, eye strain, tiredness, irritability, absenteeism and inefficiency are some of the problems that result from bad workstation design.

» back alley = callejón.

Example: The copy was grubby from use, a paperback with a photographically realistic full-color painting on its cover of an early teenage boy slumped in what looked to me like a corner of a very dirty back alley, a can of Coke in his hand.

» Posesivo + back + be + against the wall = sentirse acorralado, estar desesperado, estar con la espalda contra la pared.

Example: What do you do when your back's against the wall following a breast cancer diagnosis?.

» backbone = espina dorsal, columna vertebral, espinazo, eje.

Example: Since 1950 the backbone of British current bibliographic control has been British national bibliography.

» backbone = espina dorsal. [En Internet, una línea de alta velocidad dentro de una red de comunicaciones]

Example: A backbone is a high-speed line or series of connections that forms a major pathway within a network.

» backbreaking [back-breaking] = extenuante, agotador.

Example: Romantic comedies are backbreaking to write because they have to be fresh.

» back-buttoning = con botones por detrás, que se abrocha por atrás.

Example: This close up of the boys playing on the seasaw shows the back-buttoning pinafores the boys had to wear.

» back catalogue = catálogo de obras editadas, catálogo de obras completas.

Example: He is planning to re-release some of the most famous songs from his back catalogue in an attempt to reignite his career.

» back copy = número atrasado.

Example: Back copies of newspapers and periodicals are held for a specified period usually ranging from one to five years according to the lasting value of their contents.

» back cutter = ?.

Example: The design for a woodcut, which was probably the work of a specialist other than the back cutter, was either drawn in reverse directly on to the block, or traced on to it from paper.

» backdrop = telón de fondo, bambalina.

Example: This article considers the relunctance of governments to provide the capital input for these developments as a backdrop for discussion of the issue of privatisation of public domain data bases.

» backfile [back file] = fichero retrospectivo, fichero viejo. [Catálogo o lista de registros que se poseen con anterioridad a una fecha determinada, normalmente el período actual]

Example: Weekly tapes of current records, or cumulated back files available as separate year cumulations or at block rates can be supplied.

» backhoe = retroexcavadora, excavadora.

Example: The network itself is assumed to be unreliable; any portion of the network could disappear at any moment (pick your favorite catastrophe -- these days backhoes cutting cables are more of a threat than bombs).

» back injury = lesión de espalda.

Example: DJ Slim will be out of action for a bit -- he has a serious back injury that needs intensive treatment immediately.

» back issue = número anterior, número atrasado. [Número de una publicación periódica publicado con anterioridad al actual]

Example: Some display racks are designed so that the sloping display shelf lifts up to reveal storage space underneath for back issues.

» back lane = callejuela, callejón, camino vecinal.

Example: You don't know me, but I live in one of the apartments across the back lane from your house.

» backlist = fondo. [Publicaciones impresas hasta ahora y todavía disponibles]

Example: They not only provide detailed information about new books and those soon to be published, but also continue to list all of their books still in print (frequently called a 'backlist').

» backlog = nido, atraso. [Material en espera de ser procesado por la biblioteca]

Example: When the move took place in 1897, it was found that there was a backlog of some thirty years of uncatalogued and unbound material.

» back-of-book index = índice final.

Example: We will, however, look first at a related topic, namely the preparation of back-of-book indexes.

» back-of-book indexing = creación de los índices de un libro.

Example: This article outlines some of the problems which confronted students attempting to master the skills of back-of-book indexing.

» back-of-the-book indexing = creación de los índices de un libro. [Proceso de confección de los índices que aparecen al final de un libro]

Example: Though statistical techniques have a lot to offer for free-text data base systems, neither method has had much success with back-of-the-book indexing.

» back-of-the-book index = índice final. [Indice que aparece al final de un documento generalmente de conceptos o autores citados en el mismo]

Example: Subject access might be improved considerably by the addition of further access points taken, for example, from tables of contents or back-of-the-book indexes.

» backpack = mochila, macuto.

Example: Important factors in designing a backpack or implanted telemeter are explained.

» backpack = viajar con mochila, viajar de mochilero.

Example: I've been backpacking through Europe for a month, and this is the closest I felt to home the entire time.

» backpacker = mochilero. 

Example: The author describes appropriate gear for day hikers and backpackers including boots, clothing, insulators, raingear, and parkas.

» backpacking = viajar con mochila.

Example: Includes an annotated bibliography of books covering rock climbing, winter sports, water sports, backpacking and mountain biking.

» back pain = dolor de espalda.

Example: Although the library profession cannot be regarded as one of high risk from the viewpoint of occupational hazards, certain hazards do exist: including repetitive strain injuries, neck pain, and back pain.

» back pass = pase hacia atrás.

Example: Gary's back pass took a bobble from a divot and in that moment Robinson suddenly found himself the subject of ridicule.

» back pressure = contrapresión.

Example: This would restrict the flow of gases through the converter and create a serious back pressure problem that would cause a loss of power.

» backrest = respaldo, espaldar.

Example: By depressing a foot pedal, the force on the backrest increases and the vertical force on the seat decreases.

» backroom = interno, de puertas adentro, de puertas hacia dentro, en la trastienda.

Example: For many years, we have used the new technology to tinker with the existing system, to achieve cost savings in the backroom processes, and to produce paper products more cheaply and rapidly.

» backroom = trastienda.

Example: A well-organized backroom is a foundation block in a well-run store.

» back run [backrun] = edición completa.

Example: The study was used for planning the length of backruns to be retained due to space limitations that forced the disposal of older volumes.

» backrun = número anterior.

Example: Backruns of serials are placed on the first and second levels together with the monograph loan stock.

» back shop = trastienda.

Example: The differences in average earnings between back shops and front shops may be explained by the fact that work in the back shops is somewhat more arduous than in the front shops.

» backslash (\) = barra inclinada a la izquierda (\).

Example: To search for a publication by its author, enter the author's last name, a comma, first initial if known, followed by a backslash (\).

» backspace = borrar con la tecla de retroceso.

Example: Similarly, the sending of data can be delayed until a whole line is ready to go, and thus the correction of typing errors by simple backspacing will again aid input = Igualmente, se puede demorar el envío de información hasta que toda una línea esté lista para enviarse y de este modo la corrección de errores tipográficos borrándolos simplemente con la tecla de retroceso también ayuda a la introducción de información.

» backstab = apuñalar por la espalda, traicionar.

Example: Form my history of clans , all 'alliances' between clans are acts of cowardice and usualy ends with some sneaky bitch backstabbing people.

» backstroke = natación de espalda.

Example: Melissa Franklin of the United States won the women's 200 metres backstroke title at the world swimming championships.

» backtab = retroceder con el tabulador.

Example: The character is best entered at the start of the circulation procedure by backtabbing to the field and typing in the character.

» back talk = descaro, insolencia, frescura, impertinencia, osadía.

Example: My 5 year old son is driving us crazy with all of his back talk = Mi hijo de 5 años nos está volviendo locos con toda su impertinencia.

» back talk = contestar con descaro, responder con descaro, contestar con frescura, responder con frescura, contestar con impertinencia, responder con impertinencia, contestar con insolencia, responder con insolencia, replicar.

Example: Your child may feel ignored or abandoned and resort to back talk just to get you to take notice.

» back then = en aquel entonces.

Example: Aprons were close kin to pinafores, which had some popularity back then.

» back tooth = muela, molar.

Example: It's very important to spend extra time brushing the teeth near the salivary glands (the inside of the lower front teeth and the outside of the upper back teeth).

» back-to-school = vuelta al cole.

Example: Today's parents have to hock the family jewels to afford the list of back-to-school items now requested by teachers and schools.

» back to the drawing board = volver a empezar, volver a la etapa de planificación.

Example: If a proposal for a new regulation or directive raises important questions about the national interest then it can be sent back to the drawing board or vetoed outright.

» back to the grindstone = vuelta a la rutina, vuelta al tajo.

Example: School starting again and it's back to the grindstone for me -- I'm really excited about the classes I'm taking this semester.

» backtrack [back-track] = retroceder, volver a, desplazarse hacia atrás, volver hacia atrás.

Example: Use <Backspace> to backtrack to the character(s) you want to change.

» backup [back-up] = copia de seguridad.

Example: The operations staff makes special backup copies of the catalogs in the network, reconstructs the files in case of a serious mishap, enters new system logon names, assigns authorization levels, and so forth.

» back volume = volumen anterior. [En publicaciones periódicas, volúmen que precede al actualmente en curso]

Example: New serials and back volumes are handled as needed.

» bareback = a pelo, sin silla.

Example: This was her first time cantering, and she did it bareback too!.

» be always on + Posesivo + back = no dejar en paz, no dejar de dar la tabarra.

Example: His wife is always on his back about something -- no matter what he does, she is constantly nagging him to change.

» be back = volver, estar de vuelta, regresar.

Example: Which means I'd give the whole shooting match just to be back where I was before I quit sleeping under the stars and come into the hen-coops.

» be back at square one = volver al principio.

Example: Life is more or less like a game of snake and ladders -- you are the top at some point of time, and at the very next moment, you are back at square one.

» be back in business = volver a funcionar, reanudar las operaciones, volver a abrir.

Example: As of today The Journal of Electronic Publishing is back in business with a February 2006 issue, the first in more than three years.

» be back in + Expresión Temporal = volver en + Expresión Temporal, estar de vuelta dentro de + Expresión Temporal.

Example: 'I'd like you to tell the director that I'll be back in a day or so to see her to challenge this policy'.

» be back on track = volver a ser lo que Uno era, volver a ponerse al día, volver por + Posesivo + fueros.

Example: When all is said and done, however, this great encyclopedia is now back on track after a period of confusion and frustration = No obstante, al final de cuentas esta gran enciclopedia vuelve a ser lo que era después de un periodo de confusión y frustración.

» be back to normal = volver a la normalidad.

Example: Flights were back to normal yesterday after the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud returned to ground further flights from Exeter Airport.

» be back to square one = volver a empezar de cero, volver a empezar, estar en las mismas, volver al punto de partida, regresar al principio.

Example: She told me that I was all at sixes and sevens with my eight times table and that it was 'back to square one' for me.

» behind + Posesivo + back = a + Posesivo + espaldas.

Example: Nick then started to snigger evilly behind her back.

» be like water off a duck's back = no afectar en lo más mínimo, traer sin cuidado, ser como quien oye llover, resbalarle Algo a Alguien.

Example: You may threaten your children, tell them they'll be grounded for life (or worse), and it's all like water off a duck's back.

» be not back for + Expresión Temporal = no volver hasta + Expresión Temporal, ausentarse durante + Expresión Temporal.

Example: The third assistant, Alfred MacIntosh, was recovering from a hernia operation and would not be back for two weeks = El tercer ayudante, Alfred MacIntosh, estaba recuperándose de una operación de hernia y que se ausentaría durante dos semanas.

» be off + Posesivo + back = quitarse Algo/Alguien de encima.

Example: Your tech team will love the fact you're off their backs to make changes for testing and optimization purposes.

» be to hell and back = pasar por el infierno, pasar por muchas dificultades, pasarlas canutas, pasarlas putas, pasarlas moradas, pasarlas negras, pasar las de Caín.

Example: These wrinklies are the wise men who have been to hell and back.

» break + the back of = superar la peor parte de Algo, terminar de hacer la peor parte de Algo, terminar lo más gordo de Algo, hacer lo más gordo de Algo.

Example: The main objective of our proposal is to break the back of the financial crisis by sharply reducing mortgage foreclosures.

» bring back = restablecer.

Example: Entry of an 'e' for end will bring back the screen shown in Figure 23 where you can make another choice or enter 'e' for end.

» bring + Nombre + back to = recordar a uno Algo.

Example: This brings us back to the fact that books are made out of other books; that there is a family tree to which each book belongs.

» bring + back home = traer a casa.

Example: The article 'Bringing it all back home: insourcing what you do well' examines one library's ability to insource some of its operations.

» bring + Nombre + back to life = devolver la vida, revivir, resucitar.

Example: When some of the parrots got sick, he nursed them back to health, and they in turn brought him back to life.

» cast + Posesivo + mind back to = recordar.

Example: First cast your mind back to our examination of the Colon Classification.

» change back and forth = pasar de uno a otro.

Example: To change back and forth, or 'toggle' between the insert and overwrite modes, press the <Ins> key successively.

» change back to = cambiar de nuevo a, volver de nuevo a.

Example: And now change the indicator back to the default value.

» come back = volver, regresar.

Example: He wondered whether to chase after Duff and order him to come back or wait and see him later, after she had regained her composure.

» come back = recordar.

Example: At the sight of the park, something came back to Slake.

» come back in = volver a entrar, volver adentro.

Example: Those who are 'perfectionists' in such things will want to drive you crazy worrying about 'what if two people go out together' or 'it won't be accurate because some users go out for a smoke and then come right back in' or 'what about kids who run in and out' and so forth.

» come back out = volver a salir, salir de nuevo, volver de nuevo.

Example: When our waiter came back out after clearing the table, we were certain that he was going to politely usher us out, but instead, he asked us if we were interested in dessert!.

» cover + Posesivo + back(s) = cubrirse las espaldas.

Example: Nowadays with our litigation culture we have to cover our backs in every possible way to avoid costly court cases tying to prove innocence.

» cut back + budget = recortar el presupuesto.

Example: Expansion ground to a halt, however, before an adequate level of services was achieved in 1986, when the budget was cut back.

» cut + Nombre + up + behind + Posesivo + back = criticar a Alguien a sus espaldas.

Example: There's more to it than that - he becomes vicious, cutting people up behind their backs if they cross him in any way.

» date + as far back as + Expresión Temporal = remontarse a, datar de.

Example: Citation indexing originated with 'tables of cases cited', which date at least as far back as 1743.

» date back to + Expresión Temporal = remontarse a, datar de, originarse en.

Example: The roots of these problems data back to the 60s' with a failure to establish an efficient centralised information system.

» draw back = desplazarse hacia atrás, retroceder, echarse atrás.

Example: When I saw what he was up to, I drew back for a punch and hit him so hard on the nose that he fell on his back and lay there for some time, so that his wife stood over him and cried out 'Mercy! You've done my husband in!'.

» drunk back = borracho como una cuba, ciego, beodo, mamado.

Example: Is it not against the law to release a drunk back into society who may be still under the infuence?.

» extend + as far back as + Expresión Temporal = remontarse a.

Example: Interpretations of early Egyptian papyri, extending as far back as 1300 B.C., indicate that the bureaucratic states of antiquity recognized the importance of organization and administration.

» fall back on = recurrir a, echar mano de.

Example: Having failed apparently with her trump card, she fell back on finesse.

» fall on + Posesivo + back = caer de espaldas.

Example: When I saw what he was up to, I drew back for a punch and hit him so hard on the nose that he fell on his back and lay there for some time, so that his wife stood over him and cried out 'Mercy! You've done my husband in!'.

» find + Posesivo + way back = encontrar el modo de regresar, encontrar el camino de vuelta.

Example: It seems that classification is like nature: if you drive her out with a pitchfork, she will soon find her way back.

» flow back and forth = circular de uno a otro.

Example: It must be remembered that users do not depend solely on libraries for information; scientists, for instance, turn first to colleagues, then to their own journals, books, and reports, to conferences, and to the 'invisible college' (personal network of unprinted information that flows back and forth).

» from as far back as + Expresión Temporal = desde, nada más y nada menos que desde + Expresión Temporal.

Example: In all types of libraries in Lesotho, shortage of, and the need for trained librarians has been felt from as far back as the mid-1970s.

» front to back = de delante hacia atrás.

Example: Then he began pushing his hand through his hair, front to back, front to back.

» get back on + track = reactivar Algo, reavivar Algo, volver a su camino, retomar su camino.

Example: Topics covered included: barriers to cooperation; why library cooperation must get back on track; and strategies for the future.

» get back to = volver a.

Example: Getting back to studies, I don't know what you mean by study, but I'm leery of stalls in the name of study.

» get back to + normal = volver a la normalidad, normalizarse.

Example: Since we can't pay you overtime the way we do the clerks, I'll try to arrange some compensatory time when things get back to normal.

» get + Nombre + back = recobrar, recuperar.

Example: There was no way that Mary could get her sight back -- that was out of her control.

» get + Nombre + off + Posesivo + back = deshacerse de, liberarse de, quitarse de encima.

Example: 'I'd love to be able to get them off my back', he remonstrated with a deep sigh.

» get off + Posesivo + back = dejar en paz, dejar de dar la tabarra.

Example: Please, please get off his back -- I'm so tired of listening to you give your take on what the President has said.

» get + one back on = vengarse, desquitarse.

Example: This is mentioned only by clever dicks who want to get one back on pianists.

» get + Posesivo + back(s) up = irritar, enojar, exasperar, enervar, cabrear, encrespar, sacar de quicio, dar rabia, dar coraje.

Example: My mum and I cannot keep a conversation going about a subject I bring up without her getting her back up and starting to have a go at me = Mi mamá y yo no podemos mantener una conversación sobre cualquier tema que yo saque a colación sin que se exaspere y comience a arremeter contra mí.

» get + Posesivo + own back = vengarse, desquitarse, resarcirse, pagar con la misma moneda, tomarse la revancha.

Example: Maria always takes the most horrific pics of me -- so I got my own back by taking a video of her having a poo in a public toilet!.

» give + Nombre + a pat on the back = dar una palmadita en la espalda, dar una palmada en la espalda, felicitar.

Example: Please give her a pat on the back for all her hard work and for always being available to us.

» go + (as/so) far back as + Expresión Temporal = remontarse a.

Example: This work is somewhat deceptively titled in that the only theses going as far back as 1716 are those few listed for Glasgow University.

» go back + a long way = venir de mucho tiempo atrás, ser muy antiguo, remontarse bastante en el tiempo.

Example: LC's involvement in networking goes back a long way.

» go back and forth = ir y venir, ir de un lado a otro, ir hacia (a)delante y hacia atrás, ir para (a)delante y para atrás, ir de arriba para abajo, ir de atrás para adelante.

Example: Both teams went back and forth for the remainder of the game.

» go back and forth between = oscilar entre, ir de uno a otro.

Example: I used to think guys were either chauvinists or cowards but then I noticed I would go back and forth between the two.

» go back and forth (over) = no decidirse, estar indeciso, dudar, vacilar, titubear.

Example: Both Republican presidential hopefuls are going back and forth over what they think about immigration.

» go back on = incumplir, quebrantar, retractarse, desdecirse, detractarse, romper una promesa, echarse atrás, recular.

Example: The Commission has downgraded university librarians in terms of both pay and academic status, thus going back on a right granted as early as 1960.

» go back to = volver a, regresar a.

Example: It's about time that we go back to these principles and make sure that the quality of cataloging is upheld.

» go back to/for + Tiempo = remontarse a.

Example: The sound rule that the librarian must not dispense medical or legal advice goes back at least a hundred years, having been clearly prescribed in Samuel S Green's pioneer paper of 1876.

» go back to + normal = volver a la normalidad, normalizarse.

Example: Nobody told me that after the initial excitement everyone would go back to normal except me.

» go back to + square one = volver a empezar, desandar lo andado, volver al punto de partida, volver a empezar de cero, regresar al principio.

Example: At today's open meeting, the Commissioners voted unanimously to go back to square one.

» go through + hell and back = pasar (por) un auténtico calvario, pasar (por) un verdadero calvario, pasar (por) un auténtico infierno, pasar (por) un verdadero infierno, pasar (por) un auténtico infierno, atravesar un infierno, vivir un infierno, pasar las de Caín, pasarlas moradas, pasarlas canutas, pasarlas negras, pasarlas putas.

Example: This chickadee on the picture here is still fighting after going through hell and back and every time I get news of her progress, my heart fills with joy.

» hardback = edición en tapa, edición en cartoné, edición en cubierta dura, edición cara, edición en tapas duras. [Tirada de una publicación encuadernada con dos superficies rígidas y resistentes, normalmente de cartón]

Example: This magazine gives quarterly figures of the UK publishing industry's turnover by book categories, by hardback and paperback and by home and export.

» have + no way back = no poder regresar, no poder volver, no tener manera de volver, no tener manera de regresar, no tener forma de volver, no tener forma de regresar, no tener modo de volver, no tener modo de regresar.

Example: This is our final choice, and we have no way back.

» hold back on = contenerse con, controlarse con, refrenarse con, moderarse con, comedirse con, evitar excederse.

Example: I would, nonetheless, like to endorse what the Library of Congress is doing with respect to holding back a little on English subject headings.

» hollow back = lomo articulado, lomo suelto. [Encuadernación en la que se deja un espacio entre la lomera de la cubierta y los pliegos cosidos]

Example: At the same time a good deal of fine leather binding was carried on in the traditional way (though with an increasing use of hollow backs).

» in the back = en la espalda, en la parte de atrás, en la parte trasera, en la parte posterior, detrás, atrás.

Example: The attackers shot the nun three times in the back before fleeing the scene.

» keep + Nombre + off + Posesivo + back = quitarse a Alguien de encima.

Example: Some even go so far as to curry favor with him, to keep him off their backs.

» knot in + Posesivo + back = nudo en la espalda.

Example: She had a large knot in her back which made her life a living hell until she decided to go and see a chiropractor.

» laid-back = tranquilo, relajado, que se toma las cosas con calma.

Example: The article 'Laid-back librarians love L.A' reports on the 13th ARLIS/NA (Art Libraries Society of North America) Annual Conference, Los Angeles, 8-14 Feb 85.

» laugh behind + Posesivo + back = reírse a + Posesivo + espaldas.

Example: At the fast-food restaurant where Lily works, her co-workers laugh behind her back and sneer in her face.

» lean backwards = retreparse, echarse para atrás.

Example: She leaned back and stared straight into the core of the light above, her eyes squinting.

» lie on + Posesivo + back = acostarse de espaldas, acostarse boca arriba, tumbarse de espaldas, tumbarse boca arriba.

Example: He lustily told her in one message that he wanted her lying on her back.

» look back = volver la mirada, volver la vista atrás, mirar hacia atrás, mirar para atrás, pensar en el pasado.

Example: In the long run, electronic uinformation technology will very likely have important effects, but many of the changes will be so gradual as to be unnoticeable to those experiencing them until they look back.

» low back, the = región lumbar, la.

Example: If the primary symptom is leg pain caused by a compressed nerve in the low back, then the symptoms are usually called sciatica rather than lumbago.

» lower back, the = región lumbar, la.

Example: Residents in this industrial complex began to suffer from pain in the lower back, arms, & legs, as well as paralysis & neuralgia.

» money back offer = garantía de devolución del dinero.

Example: It's worth a shot, there is a 60 day money back offer so try it out and if it doesn't work just request a refund.

» move back and forth = moverse hacia atrás y hacia delante.

Example: The cartridge moves horizontally back and forth across a document and a scanning head digitises the document.

» move back to = volver a, regresar a.

Example: If one of them is held down long enough, the cursor will eventually be moved back to its starting position, since the screen 'wraps around'.

» never + look back = no arrepentirse, no añorar el pasado, no volver la vista atrás.

Example: As banks collapse and thousands are laid off, former finance industry whizz-kids say they have never looked back after quitting their jobs.

» no-looking-back = sin remordimientos, sin arrepentimiento.

Example: High morale and enthusiasm for institutional goals will make adaptation and innovation a one-way, no-looking-back ticket into the information age.

» not look back = no arrepentirse.

Example: On the other hand, a few weeks later I decided to splurge on Adobe Acrobat 6.0, and I have not looked back.

» no way back = sin camino de vuelta, sin camino de regreso, sin poder regresar, sin poder volver.

Example: Millions of refugees and displaced persons worldwide live in dangerous situations, in an unbearable state of limbo, with no way forward and no way back.

» pat + Nombre + on the back = dar una palmadita en la espalda, dar una palmada en la espalda, felicitar.

Example: 'I don't expect to be patted on the back for this -- it's my job'.

» pat + Reflexivo + on the back = congratularse a Uno mismo, felicitarse a Uno mismo.

Example: Tamora thinks she's fooled Titus and pats herself on the back for being so clever.

» piggyback [piggy-back] = ir a cuestas de, aprovecharse de.

Example: His logic is simple: People need the help of others to be truly creative -- thought breeds thought and ideas 'piggyback' on other ideas.

» press + Posesivo + back against = retreparse contra Algo, echarse contra Algo, apretar a Alguien contra Algo.

Example: A slow burn began in her toes and worked its way up her body as he turned and pressed her back against the wall of the hallway.

» push back = empujar hacia atrás, remeter.

Example: Drew Pope put down his pencil, pushed back in his chair, stretched his arms overhead, and swung in a half-circle so he could look out the window.

» push + limits (further and further back) = reducir una limitación.

Example: In other cases, the capacity and performance of computer equipment prove to be the limiting factor, although continuing advances in fields like data networks, voice input and output, and computer vision keep pushing these limits further and further back.

» put + meaning + back in + Posesivo + life = devolver el sentido a la vida.

Example: Through the study group I put some meaning back in my life - on Monday mornings it's easier to get out of bed.

» put + Nombre + back = retrasar.

Example: The spiral begins its downward swirl very early in life when a child has difficulty learning to read since this puts him back in his other school work.

» put + Nombre + back on track = reactivar Algo, reavivar Algo, volver Algo a su estado anterior.

Example: The article is entitled 'Using project management to put client/server projects back on track= El artículo se titula "El uso de la gestión mediante proyectos para reactivar los proyectos cliente/servidor".

» ride on + the back(s) of = cabalgar a lomos de, aprovecharse de, sacar provecho de, explotar, hacer caja con, chupar rueda de, chupar carro de.

Example: The first few (unpatriotic) corporations to outsource production were cutting a fat hog, riding on the backs of third-world laborers.

» scurry back = volver corriendo.

Example: He looked up and descried a gym class, all wet and draggled, scurrying back across the sodden football field.

» send back = devolver, enviar de vuelta.

Example: It has been estimated that computers 1000 times faster than today's fastest supercomputers will be needed by the late 1980s to process the amount of data sent back by surveillance satellites.

» set back = retrasar.

Example: But if set-off did occur and threatened to set back and spoil subsequent impressions of the first forme, the tympan cloth could be rubbed over with lye to clean it.

» settle back = retreparse.

Example: Tournquist settled back in her chair, trying tactfully not to read any of the papers which littered his desk.

» shuttling back and forth = vaivén.

Example: Bereday calls this type of comparison 'balanced' and describes it as 'a systematic shuttling back and forth between the areas under study'.

» silverback = gorila de lomo plateado, gorila de espalda plateada.

Example: Female gorillas clap their hands to get the attention of male silverbacks and infants.

» sit back = cruzarse de brazos.

Example: ALA or its subdivision have been sitting back while these powerful people get together and decide what should be good for us.

» sit back = retreparse.

Example: Then she sat back, happy in the virtuous sensation of duty accomplished.

» stab + Alguien + in the back = dar a Alguien una puñalada trapera, dar a Alguien una puñalada por la espalda, apuñalar por la espalda.

Example: This guy ran as someone who was a different and fair politician, and he stabbed us in the back .

» stab in the back = puñalada por la espalda, puñalada trapera.

Example: That is why, though its origins are elsewhere, the stab in the back has become the sustaining myth of modern American nationalism.

» stand back = detenerse a reflexionar.

Example: It is also a good time to stand back and take a look at 'what technology hath wrought' and some of the issues involved in our rush towards standardization on the national and international levels.

» stand back = echar un paso atrás, dar un paso atrás, mantener la distancia, mantenerse alejado, mantenerse distante.

Example: She stood back and watched, mouth agape, until the music faded and the crowd drifted away.

» sweep back to = recordar de un modo rápido.

Example: As her mind swept back to her discussion with Marsha James concerning a replacement, she grew more sombre.

» swing back = girar, dar la vuelta.

Example: Matrix and mould were pivoted and were brought up to the nozzle of a metal pump for the moment of casting, and then swung back to eject the new-made letter.

» swing back = vuelta.

Example: In the 1960s there has been a swing back towards the general scheme and its problems.

» switch back = volver.

Example: A code at the bottom of the local document summary and full information screens allow switching back to the system catalog.

» take + a back seat = tomar un papel secundario, mantenerse al margen, relegarse a un segundo plano.

Example: Eventually, teachers should be able to 'hand the chalk over to the students' and take a back seat.

» take + Nombre + back to = remontar a, llevar a, transportar a. [Referido al pasado]

Example: Becker takes the topic all the way back to the Coonskin Library and frontier days.

» take + Nombre + back to = llevar de vuelta a, devolver a.

Example: If I take it back to the shop and say I dropped it accidentally, how likely are they to say they'll send it off for repair with no charge?.

» take off + Posesivo + back = liberar a Uno de.

Example: Librarians would have no problem at all accepting MARC records, especially since it takes off their back the encumbrance of having to do original cataloging.

» talk + shit behind + Posesivo + back = hablar pestes de, hablar mal de, criticar, poner a parir.

Example: If you're talking shit behind her back, how would I know you're not talking shit about me either?.

» the back of = la parte trasera de, la parte de atrás de, la espalda de.

Example: There is a tendency for smaller items to be pushed to the back of the drawer and possibly crumpled as the drawer is opened and closed = Lo normal es que las cosas más pequeñas se vayan desplazando hacia la parte trasera del cajón y que posiblemente se arrugen al abrir y cerrarlo.

» the back of + Posesivo + hand = el revés de la mano.

Example: The woman downed it in one swig, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and sat down to play some cards.

» there + be + no way back = no haber manera de volver, no haber manera de regresar, no haber forma de volver, no haber forma de regresar, no haber modo de volver, no haber modo de regresar.

Example: For most threatened plants and animals, there is no way back from a place on the list of endangered species.

» the straw that broke the camel's back = la gota que colmó el vaso.

Example: They've had their differences of opinion, but recently there was a blow-up that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

» trace + Nombre + as far back as + Expresión Temporal = remontarse a.

Example: Modern abstracting can be traced at least as far back as the beginning of printing, and with a liberal definition of the term, much farther than that.

» turn back = volver, volver atrás, regresar.

Example: It might be wise for you to turn back and re-read what was said in section 2.

» turn + Posesivo + back = volver la espalda, dar la espalda, darse la vuelta.

Example: But as soon as she turned her back he got up and grabbed the knife he had and stabbed her in the back.

» turn + Posesivo + back (up)on = volver la espalda a, no hacer caso a, dar la espalda a.

Example: We can choose to turn our backs on these principles with fatuous arguments which posit their anachronism and the nonexistent intelligence of computing machinery.

» wetback = espalda mojada. [Término derogativo usado en inglés americano para referirse a los mejicanos que cruzan la frontera del Río Grande que separa Méjico de los Estados Unidos]

Example: Racist slurs, such as 'wetback,' continue to have real tangible social, cultural, and economic consequences.

» with + Posesivo + back against the wall = acorralado, desesperado, contra la pared, con la espalda contra la pared.

Example: With his back against the wall, he might judge that he had little choice but to use his weapons of mass destruction in a last-ditch attempt to save his country.

» wobble back and forth = tambalearse hacia delante y hacia atrás.

Example: If you try to put small boxes of microfilm next to even standard-sized books, there will be problems with books wobbling back and forth which has a detrimental effect on the construction of the book.

» work back from = empezar por el final.

Example: Working back from the most recent issues may reveal reviews, rebuttals, and revisions before time is squandered pursuing outdated or refuted materials.

» work + back to back = trabajar conjuntamente.

Example: The system design originally demanded two computers working back to back.

» yellow-back = libro de pastas amarillas.

Example: The typical yellow-back of the mid nineteenth century was a cheap edition of fiction in small crown octavo, retailing a 2 shillings, and its case was made of glazed coloured paper on strawboard.

» You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours = hoy por mí y mañana por ti.

Example: I always thought 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' was a good rule, but now because of this book I have realized I've been fooling myself.

back2 = parte trasera, parte de atrás, revés. 

Example: In addition, one must not forget such mundane matters as door bells (front and back), a closing bell, fire bells, security alarms and possibly others all of which must be noticeably different.


» a few months back = hace unos pocos meses, hace unos cuantos meses.

Example: Woo dumped her controlling brain surgeon boyfriend a few months back claiming he spent more time in the mirror dolling himself up than she did.

» answer back = contestar, responder.

Example: He began swearing and saying 'I don't know what you're on about, whatever we do, it's wrong!' and of course I answered his nastiness back.

» as far back as + Expresión Temporal = hasta + Expresión Temporal.

Example: The Times is now available on microfilm as far back as 1785.

» as far back as + Expresión Temporal = ya en + Expresión Temporal.

Example: As far back as the mid-forties, scientists, some of national stature, became seriously concerned = Ya a mediados de los cuarenta, los científicos, algunos de prestigio nacional, estaban muy preocupados.

» at the back = en la espalda, en la parte de atrás, en la parte trasera, en la parte posterior, detrás, atrás.

Example: Even though she'd run off to Florida, Vincente had a picture of Wanda on the kitchen wall in his apartment at the back of the store.

» at the back of + Posesivo + head = en el fondo, en + Posesivo + subconsciente.

Example: They tend to be utterly paranoid, always having at the back of their head strange notions of how 'these sneaky Chinks are out there to get them'.

» a while back = hace (ya) algún tiempo.

Example: They co-operated a while back in the conversion of a supply vessel into a special maintenance vessel for sandblasting and painting offshore.

» back and forth = de una parte a otra, de un sitio a otro, de aquí para allá, de atrás para adelante, de acá para allá.

Example: He informed me last spring that he was dedicating 30% of his budget to bussing all his staff back and forth each day.

» back board = contracubierta.

Example: The book cover is assambled with three pieces of cardboard (front board, spine and back board) glued to a covering material = La cubierta del libro consta de tres piezas de cartón (la cubierta anterior. el lomo y la contracubierta) pegadas a un forro que lo envuelve todo.

» back burner = relegado a un segundo plano, de segunda importancia, aparcado, en suspenso.

Example: Assistive technology will continue to be a back burner issue in most libraries.

» back burner = quemador de atrás, quemador trasero.

Example: Also, avoid reaching across a lit burner in the front of the stove to stir a pot on a back burner.

» back country = zonas inhabitadas del interior, zonas salvajes del interior.

Example: The brochure, titled 'Tread Lightly! on Public and Private Land,' provides guidelines for the use of dirt bikes, all terrain vehicles, horses and other means of traveling through back country.

» backcountry = monte, monte salvaje, zona interior despoblada.

Example: It is one of America's last flag stop trains allowing travelers to get off the train anywhere along a 55-mile stretch to hike the backcountry.

» back cover = contracubierta.

Example: The part that books play in people's lives is well illustrated by the list of 'bestsellers' which appear on the inside of the back cover of the Bookseller each week.

» back door = puerta trasera.

Example: You do not want to try and clear the building, thinking it is a fire when it is just somebody trying to deliver a parcel of books to the back door.

» backfire = fracasar, fallar, salir mal, salir el tiro por la culata, tener consecuencias negativas.

Example: While this direct contact can backfire if the person is not knowledgeable about the product, it is also a golden opportunity to respond directly to customer questions and unique needs.

» backflip = salto mortal hacia atrás, voltereta hacia atrás, vuelta de campana hacia atrás, pirueta hacia atrás.

Example: Then he did several backflips and wailed aloud in his misery and woe, his yelps of distress quite filling the empyrean.

» back-garden = jardín trasero.

Example: I often think that observing the goings-on in a back-garden pond is more exciting than watching boring lions on an exotic holiday.

» backhand = revés, golpe de revés. [Usado generalmente en los juegos de raqueta]

Example: It is perfectly acceptable to hit the backhand with two hands.

» back home = ciudad natal, país natal.

Example: Having entered the next state and a highway off the turnpike, he was amazed by the extraordinary flatness of the land, especially in contrast to the hilly terrain he had grown up with back home.

» back in the day = cuando + ser + joven, en + Posesivo + juventud, en + Posesivo + días jóvenes, antaño, en el pasado.

Example: I miss the way things were back in the day.

» back in the days when = cuando, en la época en que.

Example: Back in the days when archaeology was a developing discipline, it was -- ike so many things -- dominated by men.

» back lawn = césped de detrás de la casa.

Example: Would you like to turn your back lawn into an eco-friendly vegetable garden complete with chickens?.

» back leg = pata trasera.

Example: Frogs' two front legs have four toes each, while the back legs have five toes each.

Back synonyms

game in spanish: juego, pronunciation: geɪm part of speech: noun support in spanish: apoyo, pronunciation: səpɔrt part of speech: noun, verb cover in spanish: cubrir, pronunciation: kʌvɜr part of speech: verb, noun stake in spanish: estaca, pronunciation: steɪk part of speech: noun endorse in spanish: endosar, pronunciation: endɔrs part of speech: verb second in spanish: segundo, pronunciation: sekənd part of speech: adjective, noun hinder in spanish: impedir, pronunciation: hɪndɜr part of speech: verb gage in spanish: calibrar, pronunciation: geɪdʒ part of speech: noun substantiate in spanish: justificar, pronunciation: səbstæntʃieɪt part of speech: verb rear in spanish: posterior, pronunciation: rɪr part of speech: noun punt in spanish: batea, pronunciation: pʌnt part of speech: noun binding in spanish: Unión, pronunciation: baɪndɪŋ part of speech: adjective, noun spine in spanish: espina, pronunciation: spaɪn part of speech: noun backward in spanish: hacia atrás, pronunciation: bækwɜrd part of speech: adverb, adjective backbone in spanish: columna vertebral, pronunciation: bækboʊn part of speech: noun hind in spanish: posterior, pronunciation: haɪnd part of speech: noun backwards in spanish: hacia atrás, pronunciation: bækwɜrdz part of speech: adverb back up in spanish: apoyo, pronunciation: bækʌp part of speech: verb indorse in spanish: endosar, pronunciation: ɪndɔrs part of speech: verb dorsum in spanish: dorso, pronunciation: dɔrsəm part of speech: noun rearward in spanish: hacia atrás, pronunciation: rɪrwɜrd part of speech: adjective backrest in spanish: respaldo, pronunciation: bækrest part of speech: noun vertebral column in spanish: la columna vertebral, pronunciation: vɜrtəbrəlkɑləm part of speech: noun spinal column in spanish: columna espinal, pronunciation: spaɪnəlkɑləm part of speech: noun rearwards in spanish: hacia atrás, pronunciation: rɪrwɜrdz part of speech: adverb bet on in spanish: apuesta en, pronunciation: betɑn part of speech: verb book binding in spanish: encuadernación de libros, pronunciation: bʊkbaɪndɪŋ part of speech: noun plump for in spanish: votar por, pronunciation: plʌmpfɔr part of speech: verb plunk for in spanish: punk para, pronunciation: plʌŋkfɔr part of speech: verb in reply in spanish: en respuesta, pronunciation: ɪnrɪplaɪ part of speech: adverb

Back antonyms

look pronunciation: lʊk part of speech: verb, noun face pronunciation: feɪs part of speech: noun, verb forward pronunciation: fɔrwɜrd part of speech: adverb advance pronunciation: ədvæns part of speech: noun, verb front pronunciation: frʌnt part of speech: noun ahead pronunciation: əhed part of speech: adverb forwards pronunciation: fɔrwɜrdz part of speech: adverb bring forward pronunciation: brɪŋfɔrwɜrd part of speech: verb frontward pronunciation: frʌntwɜrd part of speech: adverb forrad pronunciation: fɔrəd part of speech: adverb forrard pronunciation: fɔrɜrd part of speech: adverb frontwards pronunciation: frʌntwɜrdz part of speech: adverb
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