Backbone in spanish

Columna vertebral

pronunciation: koʊlumnɑbeɹ̩tebɹ̩ɑl part of speech: noun
In gestures

backbone1 = espina dorsal, columna vertebral, espinazo, eje. 

Example: Since 1950 the backbone of British current bibliographic control has been British national bibliography.


» backbone of the economy, the = eje central de la economía, el.

Example: After World War II, agriculture was replaced by manufacturing and tourism as the backbone of the economy.

» lack of backbone = falta de coraje, falta de valor.

Example: He knew what the price of war would be, but he failed to do what he knew was right and that's lack of backbone, a lack of courage.

backbone2 = espina dorsal. [En Internet, una línea de alta velocidad dentro de una red de comunicaciones]

Example: A backbone is a high-speed line or series of connections that forms a major pathway within a network.

Backbone synonyms

back in spanish: atrás, pronunciation: bæk part of speech: adverb grit in spanish: arena, pronunciation: grɪt part of speech: noun anchor in spanish: ancla, pronunciation: æŋkɜr part of speech: noun sand in spanish: arena, pronunciation: sænd part of speech: noun spine in spanish: espina, pronunciation: spaɪn part of speech: noun linchpin in spanish: eje, pronunciation: lɪntʃpɪn part of speech: noun gumption in spanish: listeza, pronunciation: gʌmpʃən part of speech: noun mainstay in spanish: pilar, pronunciation: meɪnsteɪ part of speech: noun guts in spanish: tripas, pronunciation: gʌts part of speech: noun lynchpin in spanish: Lynchpin, pronunciation: lɪntʃɪn part of speech: noun vertebral column in spanish: la columna vertebral, pronunciation: vɜrtəbrəlkɑləm part of speech: noun spinal column in spanish: columna espinal, pronunciation: spaɪnəlkɑləm part of speech: noun
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