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pronunciation: soʊpoʊɹ̩te part of speech: noun
In gestures

back3 = apoyar, respaldar, avalar. 

Example: Co-operative, carefully planned and financed internationally backed efforts have been the keynote of more recent activity.


» back away (from) = retractarse de, echarse atrás de, detractarse de, incumplir.

Example: The president got grilled by conservatives for his promise to end the ban on gays in the military, then by liberals for appearing to back away from that pledge.

» back away (from) = alejarse de, retroceder, recular, distanciarse de, separarse de, mantenerse alejado (de).

Example: He slowly started to back away from me, heading towards the door.

» back down (from) = achantarse, retractarse, detractarse, retroceder, rajarse, recular, echarse atrás, dar macha atrás, cejar, ceder, apearse del burro, bajarse del burro.

Example: He became known as a tough guy who wouldn't back down from any fisticuffs.

» back into = apoyar, respaldar, apostar por.

Example: To the best of my knowledge, most of the big research libraries backed into the world of media = Según mi opinión, la mayoría de las bibliotecas académicas apostaron por adquirir todo tipo de soporte.

» back off = retroceder, rajarse, recular, echarse atrás, dar macha atrás, cejar, ceder.

Example: When she got stressed we would back off until she showed interest again a few weeks later.

» back + one side = apoyar un bando, apoyar una facción.

Example: As everyone knows, the US is backing one side in the Syrian civil war.

» back out = echarse atrás, echar marcha atrás, retirarse.

Example: Dennis played her along until she decided to back out at which time he threatened to imprison her unless she paid up $2 million.

» back + Posesivo + argument = respaldar un argumento.

Example: This article discusses how librarians can slay these dragons by backing their arguments for more resources for youth through carefully collected data.

» back + Nombre + up = respaldar, apoyar, corroborar.

Example: Often they use rather fancy words, such as 'theoretical models' or 'constructs' or 'paradigms' to describe what are, very frequently, no more than hypothetical ideas or categorisations which have little empirical evidence to back them up.

» back up = retroceder, dar marcha atrás, echar marcha atrás, ir marcha atrás, recular.

Example: A train cruising at full speed hit an excavator that had backed up onto the track.

» back up + Posesivo + claim = respaldar + Posesivo + afirmación, respaldar + Posesivo + opinión.

Example: We've all heard the adage that with age comes wisdom, but now science is backing up the claim.

» back up + Posesivo + story = apoyar + Posesivo + argumento, respaldar + Posesivo + argumento.

Example: To back up his story in such cases he must have chapter and verse to show to the reader on the real facts of the matter.

» back (up) + Posesivo + vehicle = retroceder, echar marcha atrás, dar marcha atrás.

Example: Some housecars and motorhomes are equipped with rear-looking closed circuit television systems to help you back your vehicle.

» back up + the car = retroceder con el coche, echar marcha atrás con el coche.

Example: It was so bad that I was concerned about driving because I could not turn my neck to back up the car.

backing1 = apoyo, respaldo. 

Example: Thus the scheme has a sound organisational backing.


» backing singer = corista.

Example: Susanna announced that she will be accompanied by four backing singers, with no supporting dancers.

» backing store = memoria de almacenamiento.

Example: Data can then be captured online from the host and downloaded into the microcomputer's backing store for local processing.

» backing track = acompañamiento, música de acompañamiento.

Example: The audio includes demos and backing tracks so you can play along with every example.

» backing vocal = corista.

Example: The band would not have sounded the same without his backing vocals, in my honest opinion.

» backing vocalist = corista.

Example: We are looking for a backing vocalist, someone experienced, someone with ideas for vocal arrangements and able to also take instruction.

» financial backing = apoyo económico, apoyo financiero, respaldo económico.

Example: This is partly because the 40-year civil war has developed into a war of attrition, with ransom money from kidnapping providing much of the financial backing.

backing2 = fondo, material de fondo. 

Example: A picture is a two-dimensional visual representation accessible to the naked eye and generally on an opaque backing.

backing3 = enlomado. 

Example: The sections of a book were stapled to a coarse cloth backing, but unfortunately the staples soon rusted and became brittle.


» adhesive backing = dorso adhesivo.

Example: The numbers and letters on nylon sails are generally made from Mylar or polyester cloth with an adhesive backing.

» backing machine = enlomadora.

Example: In 1895 a good London bindery would have the following machines: hand-fed folding machines, sewing machines, nipping machines (for pressing the sewn books before casing-in), cutting machines, rounding machines, backing machines, straight-knife trimming machines (guillotines), rotary board-cutting machines, power blocking presses, and hydraulic standing presses.

» backing sheet = hoja de respaldo.

Example: The typescript will be fuzzy and indistinct without the smooth, firm surface which the backing sheet offers.

» backing strip = soporte de refuerzo.

Example: The spine folds of the assembled sheets were simply cut off, separating all the leaves, which were then attached to each other and to a backing strip by a coating of rubber solution, and cased in the ordinary way.

» rebacking = reenlomado. [En encuadernación, ponerle un lomo nuevo a un libro sin necesidad de encuadernarlo de nuevo. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que comienzan con este prefijo]

Example: Topics covered or discussed included cleaning vellum and leather bindings, rebacking, repairing, retitling and finishing repaired volumes.

Backing synonyms

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