Backpack in spanish


pronunciation: moʊtʃilɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

backpack1 = mochila, macuto. 

Example: Important factors in designing a backpack or implanted telemeter are explained.

backpack2 = viajar con mochila, viajar de mochilero. 

Example: I've been backpacking through Europe for a month, and this is the closest I felt to home the entire time.

Backpack synonyms

pack in spanish: paquete, pronunciation: pæk part of speech: noun, verb rucksack in spanish: mochila, pronunciation: rʌksæk part of speech: noun knapsack in spanish: mochila, pronunciation: næpsæk part of speech: noun haversack in spanish: mochila, pronunciation: hævɜrsæk part of speech: noun
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