Backtalk in spanish


pronunciation: impeɹ̩tinenθiɑ part of speech: noun
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back talk1 = descaro, insolencia, frescura, impertinencia, osadía. 

Example: My 5 year old son is driving us crazy with all of his back talk = Mi hijo de 5 años nos está volviendo locos con toda su impertinencia.

back talk2 = contestar con descaro, responder con descaro, contestar con frescura, responder con frescura, contestar con impertinencia, responder con impertinencia, contestar con insolencia, responder con insolencia, replicar. 

Example: Your child may feel ignored or abandoned and resort to back talk just to get you to take notice.

Backtalk synonyms

mouth in spanish: boca, pronunciation: maʊθ part of speech: noun sass in spanish: hablar con descaro a, pronunciation: sæs part of speech: noun lip in spanish: labio, pronunciation: lɪp part of speech: noun sassing in spanish: sassing, pronunciation: sæsɪŋ part of speech: noun
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