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pronunciation: kɑlifoʊɹ̩niɑ part of speech: noun
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ca. + Fecha/Número1 = alrededor de + Fecha/Número, aproximadamente + Fecha/Número. [Abreviatura de circa (alrededor de)]

Example: Coverage in 'Sources of Reference Work' is comprehensive (ca. 20,000 titles).

CA (Chemical Abstracts)2 = Chemical Abstracts (CA). [Base de datos con referencias bibliográficas sobre química y áreas afines]

Example: Science librarians at the New York Public Library without a strong educational background in chemistry often had difficulty in searching the printed Chemical Abstracts (CA).

circa + Fecha/Número [ca o c, -abrev.] = cerca de + Fecha/Número, alrededor de + Fecha/Número. 

Example: This article provides a summary of the discoveries related to the storage of documents from the period of the Israelite and Judaean kings (circa 1000-587 B.C.), including ostraca (broken pieces of pottery with writing on them) and seals and seal impressions.

CA synonyms

calcium in spanish: calcio, pronunciation: kælsiəm part of speech: noun atomic number 20 in spanish: número atómico 20, pronunciation: ətɑmɪknəmbɜr part of speech: noun
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