Cacao in spanish


pronunciation: kɑkɑoʊ part of speech: noun
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cacao = cacao. 

Example: Every year there are more and more tons of cacao sold to the United States.


» cacao bean = grano de cacao, haba de cacao, semilla de cacao.

Example: As legend goes Cortes was greeted by natives that gave him a sackful of cacao beans in exchange for some of his own merchandise.

» cacao seed = semilla de cacao.

Example: Real chocolate is a cocoa paste made from cacao seeds.

» cacao tree = árbol del cacao, cacaotero.

Example: Chocolate comes from the equatorial cacao tree's unassuming cocoa beans.

Cacao synonyms

cocoa bean in spanish: grano de cacao, pronunciation: koʊkoʊbin part of speech: noun cacao tree in spanish: árbol de cacao, pronunciation: kəkeɪoʊtri part of speech: noun chocolate tree in spanish: árbol de chocolate, pronunciation: tʃɔkləttri part of speech: noun theobroma cacao in spanish: theobroma cacao, pronunciation: θiəbroʊməkəkeɪoʊ part of speech: noun
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