Cache in spanish


pronunciation: kɑtʃe part of speech: noun
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cache1 = alijo, colección, conjunto. 

Example: It is known that there were books made from bamboo and wood during the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BC) but none remain today except caches of oracle bones.


» arms cache = alijo de armas.

Example: Two arms caches that may be connected with the alleged rightwing plot to topple the government were discovered yesterday.

» cache memory = memoria caché.

Example: Information located in cache memory may be accessed in much less time than that located in main memory.

» drug cache = alijo de drogas.

Example: Colombian government reported seizing tons of cocaine in drug bust this weekend showing drug cache and jungle airstrips.

» weapons cache = alijo de armas.

Example: The security team discovered an extensive weapons cache buried next to the garden shed.

cache2 = memoria caché. 

Example: The most effective way to do that is to use a technique known as disc caching, which sets aside a section of the computer's memory as a storage area, or cache, for data that is read from the disc drive.

cache3 = almacenar, guardar, acumular, esconder, ocultar. 

Example: Previous studies in which squirrels were provisioned with an abundant supply of food found a reduction in the rate of caching.

Cache synonyms

hoard in spanish: acumular, pronunciation: hɔrd part of speech: noun, verb stash in spanish: alijo, pronunciation: stæʃ part of speech: noun, verb memory cache in spanish: Memoria caché, pronunciation: memɜrikæʃ part of speech: noun lay away in spanish: ahorrar, pronunciation: leɪəweɪ part of speech: verb squirrel away in spanish: almacenar, pronunciation: skwɜrələweɪ part of speech: verb hive up in spanish: colmarse, pronunciation: haɪvʌp part of speech: verb
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