Cackle in spanish


pronunciation: kɑkɑɹ̩eoʊ part of speech: noun, verb
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cackle1 = cotorreo, charla, parloteo, charlatanería, cacareo. 

Example: You realise you are in Kokkrebellur only when you hear the cackle of birds and smell the slightly acrid stench of their droppings.


» cut + the cackle = ir al grano, cortar el rollo, dejarse de historias.

Example: We can't deny the fact that it is time to cut the cackle and get down to business.

cackle2 = cacarear, chacharear, charlatanear, charlotear, parlotear, cotorrear. 

Example: They sold both the land and the animals, keeping only a dog and a few hens that walked freely, pecking and cackling in the garden.


» cackle + with delight = reírse con regocijo.

Example: If one were to think of an analogue outside the library situation, one would conjure up the image of a miser cackling with delight as he counts and recounts his beloved coins.

Cackle synonyms

chatter in spanish: charla, pronunciation: tʃætɜr part of speech: noun yak in spanish: yak, pronunciation: jæk part of speech: noun yack in spanish: asalto, pronunciation: jæk part of speech: noun yakety-yak in spanish: yakety-yak, pronunciation: jɑkiiæk part of speech: noun
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