Cad in spanish


pronunciation: kɑnɑjɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

cad1 = sinvergüenza, desvergonzado, caradura, canalla, bribón, tunante, granuja, depravado, bellaco, tuno. 

Example: Not only that, but this cad has also convinced them she is losing her faculties.

CAD (computer-aided design)2 = diseño asistido por ordenador (CAD). 

Example: In computer-aided design (CAD), designers work at computer-based work stations to draft, visualize and, in some cases, simulate the eventual performance of new products.

Cad synonyms

dog in spanish: perro, pronunciation: dɔg part of speech: noun heel in spanish: tacón, pronunciation: hil part of speech: noun hound in spanish: sabueso, pronunciation: haʊnd part of speech: noun blackguard in spanish: canalla, pronunciation: blækgɑrd part of speech: noun bounder in spanish: sinvergüenza, pronunciation: baʊndɜr part of speech: noun computer-aided design in spanish: diseño asistido por ordenador, pronunciation: kəmpjutɜreɪdɪdɪzaɪn part of speech: noun
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