Cadet in spanish


pronunciation: kɑdete part of speech: noun
In gestures

cadet1 = cadete. 

Example: The strength of the collection lies in its coverage of the cadet and professional army careers of academy graduates.


» police cadet = cadete de policía.

Example: It is too early to measure long-term use but persons using SAS so far include councillors, students, health visitors, social workers and police cadets.

» space cadet = lunático, chiflado, chalado, pirado.

Example: There were space cadets, aimless women -- the melange was incredible.

» space cadet = cadete espacial.

Example: It is narrated as if the group of people learning the game were space cadets being trained for space missions.

cadet2 = principiante. 

Example: This listing of historically important manuscripts and documents was prepared for the use of cadets, faculty, and outside scholars.

Cadet synonyms

plebe in spanish: plebe, pronunciation: plib part of speech: noun
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