Danger in spanish


pronunciation: peligɹ̩oʊ part of speech: noun
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danger = peligro, riesgo. 

Example: Librarians have always been afraid of the danger of failing to collect important material or of disposing of it simply through ignorance of its value.


» address + a danger = afrontar un peligro, afrontar un riesgo, abordar un peligro, abordar un riesgo, abordar un problema, tratar un peligro, tratar un riesgo, tratar un problema.

Example: We need more novels like this one that address the danger of blindly accepting societal values about who we are.

» be in danger (of) = correr el peligro (de), estar en peligro de, estar en riesgo (de), correr el riesgo (de).

Example: If they continue to resist change and ignore renewal, they too are in danger of slipping to the last notch on our diagram, the one of dissolution and displacement.

» be out of danger = estar fuera de (todo) peligro, estar a salvo.

Example: He is 'out of danger' and has been moved from intensive care to a rehabilitation ward in the Grenoble hospital.

» court + danger = buscar el peligro, invitar al peligro, jugar con fuego, jugar peligrosamente, arriesgarse innecesariamente.

Example: Always where the action is, he courts danger with a smile, but his charm can sometimes be a lethal weapon.

» danger + arise = peligro + surgir.

Example: This danger arises particularly in non-expressive notations where the steps of division are not represented in the class number.

» danger signal = señal de peligro.

Example: There is a need to be on the alert for any danger signals such as a steady sales decline.

» endanger = poner en peligro, hacer peligrar. 

Example: These events threaten to disrupt publishing and endanger the life of the book.

» face (up to) + a danger = enfrentarse con un peligro, afrontar un peligro.

Example: He thinks that if he doesn't see or face up to the danger there is no danger; he is safe.

» flirt with + danger = buscar el peligro, invitar al peligro, jugar con fuego, jugar peligrosamente, arriesgarse innecesariamente.

Example: Just by being in the proximity of a motocross race or snowboarding competition can help you start flirting with danger.

» free of danger = libre de peligro.

Example: She would hold it in safekeeping until they were both free of danger, healthy, and enjoying the life he had promised.

» hidden danger = peligro oculto.

Example: The article is entitled 'The hidden dangers of electronic publishing'.

» hold + danger = suponer peligro, ser peligroso, traer peligro, acarrear peligro.

Example: While such a record is an obvious incentive to members to participate, it does seem possible that it holds some dangers.

» keep + Nombre + out of danger = mantener fuera de (todo) peligro.

Example: She was often a little too bold and way too trusting and it was a full-time job keeping her out of danger.

» life-threatening danger = peligro de vida or muerte.

Example: In fact, children face many life-threatening dangers on a daily basis that are often times overlooked by adults.

» look + danger (squarely) in the face = no amedrentarse ante el peligro, no acobardarse ante el peligro.

Example: Television reporters must be able to look danger squarely in the face, be willing to work long hours, forego weekends, holidays, and special occasions, and be ready to be on the road at a moment's notice.

» mortal danger = peligro de muerte, peligro mortal.

Example: In the face of resistance, public ridicule, or even mortal danger, these women listened to their hearts and their unshakeable faith.

» overcome + a danger = superar un peligro.

Example: The good and bad fairies are categories of experience, and the triumph of the good fairy is a reassuring generalization about overcoming danger.

» pose + a danger = resultar peligroso, representar un peligro, presentar un peligro.

Example: Neither was there doubt that SLIS should adapt their programmes accordingly but, equally, too headlong a rush into the unknown posed dangers.

» present + a danger = presentar (un) peligro.

Example: When a patron is accused of improper conduct and does not appear to present a danger, do not immediately confront the person with the accusation.

» public danger = peligro público.

Example: Increasingly, however, problems with sleep are being framed as public dangers, risks generated by drowsy people during the times they are expected to be awake.

» put + Nombre + in danger = poner en peligro.

Example: She had dishonoured him and his village, but worst of all she had put herself in unimaginable danger.

» run + the danger of = correr el peligro de.

Example: At the dinner party, eating nearly proved the undoing of Peter, who ran the danger of becoming a pie himself.

» see + danger = considerar peligroso.

Example: A lot of danger was seen in connection with people who had been taught to read and yet had no reading matter provided (or even worse, had the wrong kind).

» see + the danger that = darse cuenta del peligro que.

Example: Being thus convinced of the value of good books, librarians were also quick to see the potential danger that 'bad' books held for the nation.

» spell + danger = poner en peligro, traer peligro, acarrear peligro, suponer peligro.

Example: Rising temperatures and acidification in the oceans spell danger for shark populations.

» threatening danger = peligro amenazador.

Example: It is now clear, however, there is an even more insidious and threatening danger at the heart of this secret agreement.

Danger synonyms

risk in spanish: riesgo, pronunciation: rɪsk part of speech: noun peril in spanish: peligro, pronunciation: perəl part of speech: noun

Danger antonyms

safety pronunciation: seɪfti part of speech: noun
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