Daring in spanish


pronunciation: ɑtɹ̩ebidoʊ part of speech: adjective
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dare1 = atreverse. 

Example: As far as Hernandez could determine, no one dared to approach him with suggestions for needed changes in library policy or procedure or, heaven forbid, in his personal management style.


» dare I say = yo me atrevería a decir.

Example: Professional skills are enhanced by the opportunity which IFLA provides to taste the cultures of other countries in a very accessible (dare I say privileged?) way.

» dare to + tread = atreverse a tratar.

Example: This book on the Vedic religious imagination covers an area of Indian studies that few dare to tread.

dare2 = desafiar, retar. 

Example: 'Nah,' Kate chuckled, getting his drift, and then said 'I would've just barged in there and dared them to throw me out!' = "No" se rió Kate, entendiendo lo que él quería decir, y después dijo "!Hubiera irrumpido y les hubiese retado a echarme a la calle!".


» daredevil = acróbata temerario.

Example: A Russian daredevil has been charged for carrying out death-defying acrobatics atop a downtown Toronto tower earlier this month.

» daredevil = temerario, osado, audaz, atrevido.

Example: She was one of the first women to become a pilot, and she helped test different airplanes on her daredevil flights.

daring = osado, audaz, temerario. 

Example: One wondered, did daring first-year students lose their nerve at the last minute and kneel as evidence that their audacity in approaching this 'holy of holies' was tempered by the proper reverence?.


» ignorance is very daring = ignorancia es muy atrevida, la.

Example: That's easy to say when the war and the bombs explode overseas -- ignorance is very daring.

Daring synonyms

audacious in spanish: audaz, pronunciation: ɑdeɪʃəs part of speech: adjective original in spanish: original, pronunciation: ɜrɪdʒənəl part of speech: adjective dare in spanish: atrevimiento, pronunciation: der part of speech: verb adventurous in spanish: aventurero, pronunciation: ædventʃɜrəs part of speech: adjective avant-garde in spanish: vanguardia, pronunciation: əvɑntgɑrd part of speech: noun, adjective boldness in spanish: audacia, pronunciation: boʊldnəs part of speech: noun adventuresome in spanish: aventurero, pronunciation: ædventʃɜrsəm part of speech: adjective venturesome in spanish: audaz, pronunciation: ventʃɜrsəm part of speech: adjective hardihood in spanish: robustez, pronunciation: hɑrdɪhud part of speech: noun venturous in spanish: venturoso, pronunciation: ventʃɜrəs part of speech: adjective

Daring antonyms

timidity pronunciation: təmɪdəti part of speech: noun timorousness pronunciation: tɪmɜrəsnəs part of speech: noun
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