Daredevil in spanish


pronunciation: temeɹ̩ɑɹ̩ioʊ part of speech: noun, adjective
In gestures

daredevil1 = acróbata temerario. 

Example: A Russian daredevil has been charged for carrying out death-defying acrobatics atop a downtown Toronto tower earlier this month.

daredevil22 = temerario, osado, audaz, atrevido. 

Example: She was one of the first women to become a pilot, and she helped test different airplanes on her daredevil flights.

Daredevil synonyms

bold in spanish: negrita, pronunciation: boʊld part of speech: adjective brash in spanish: temerario, pronunciation: bræʃ part of speech: adjective lunatic in spanish: lunático, pronunciation: lunətɪk part of speech: noun, adjective madcap in spanish: atolondrado, pronunciation: mædkæp part of speech: noun swashbuckler in spanish: bravucón, pronunciation: swɔʃbəkəlɜr part of speech: noun hothead in spanish: exaltado, pronunciation: hɑθed part of speech: noun harum-scarum in spanish: harum-scarum, pronunciation: herəmskerəm part of speech: noun, adjective, adverb temerarious in spanish: temerario, pronunciation: temɜreriəs part of speech: adjective
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