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pronunciation: tierɑ part of speech: noun
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earth, the1 = tierra, la. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: A large proportion of the earth's population has not yet recognized the enormous advantages that would accrue if only everybody spoke English.


» bring + Nombre + back to earth = hacer volver a la normalidad, hacer volver a la realidad.

Example: Australian house prices are massively out of whack and will be brought back to earth, an expert says.

» come back to + earth = volver a la realidad, volver a la normalidad.

Example: Ironically, just as we were discussing how Jive's prices will have to come back to earth, news of Jive's dramatic layoff came in.

» come down to + earth = poner los pies sobre la tierra, volver a la realidad, bajar de las nubes.

Example: The second paragraph came down to earth stylistically.

» come down to + earth with a bump = volver a la realidad de sopetón, volver a la realidad de golpe, bajar de las nubes de sopetón, bajar de las nubes de golpe.

Example: The adrenaline rush that had propelled him through his frantic excavation took a while to wear off, but when it did he came down to earth with a bump.

» cost + the earth = costar un ojo de la cara, valer un ojo de la cara, costar el oro y el moro, valer el oro y el moro, costar un riñón, valer un riñón.

Example: The article is entitled 'Athena: a Windows-based library system that does not cost the earth'.

» disappear from/off + the face of the earth = desaparecer de la faz de la tierra, tragarse a Alguien la tierra, perder de vista para siempre.

Example: Religion has never disappeared from the face of the earth, no matter how we dislike, it is here to stay.

» dregs of the earth, the = escoria de la sociedad, la.

Example: The guards are certain that the incarcerated are the dregs of the earth and must be held down at all costs.

» drop off + the face of the earth = desaparecer de la faz de la tierra, tragarse a Alguien la tierra, perder de vista para siempre.

Example: You can't choose your family, but you can give them the stink eye and wish they dropped off the face of the earth.

» Earth Day = Día de la Tierra.

Example: Library promotion of Earth Day brought environmental issues to public attention by means of book displays, lectures, films and tree planting.

» Earth-like = parecido a la tierra.

Example: The nearest Earth-like planet is probably 13 light-years away; astronomically speaking, that's just a stroll across the park.

» earth satellite = satélite terrestre.

Example: For example, 629.1388 in DC has to house all documents on Astronautics documents on Instrumentation, earth satellites, Monkeys in space, Manned flights, and so on.

» earth sciences, the = ciencias de la tierra, las. [Cualquiera de las ciencias que estudia la Tierra como geografía, geología, meteorología, oceanografía, etc]

Example: The advent of inexpensive production of CD-ROM and floppy discs has led to the availability of numerous bibliographic, numerical and image databases for the earth sciences.

» earth scientist = especialista en ciencias de la tierra.

Example: This may be because the 'revolution' has continued earth scientists to think that present-day lateral crustal motions have been dominant throughout earth history.

» earth's crust, the = corteza terrestre, la.

Example: This paper deals with problems of what are conventionally called nonrenewable resources, that is, energy and materials derived from the earth's crust by extractive means.

» earth's mantle, the = manto terrestre, el.

Example: A huge expanse of water trapped in a layer of the earth's mantle could help explain the origin of our oceans.

» heaven on earth = cielo en la tierra, el.

Example: Eden was supposed to be like heaven on earth, and Adam and Eve and their descendants were meant to live forever.

» how on (this) earth...? = ¿cómo diablos...?, ¿cómo demonios...?, ¿cómo narices...?.

Example: How on this earth does she get her hair to look so fabulous?.

» Mother Earth = madre tierra, la.

Example: Mother Earth is the source of knowledge and wisdom.

» move + heaven and earth = remover Roma con Santiago, remover (el) cielo y (la) tierra, mover cielo y tierra, buscar por todas partes.

Example: I say in the interests of the club and its supporters, Phil Gartside should swallow his pride and move heaven and earth to get Sam back here.

» on earth = sobre la tierra.

Example: There is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person.

» on the face of the earth = sobre la tierra, en el mundo.

Example: E-mail is without question the most powerful method of distributing information on the face of the earth.

» on the surface of the earth = en la faz de la tierra, sobre la faz de la tierra.

Example: It is well known that corruption is systemic in Nigeria and that Nigeria is one of the most stinkingly corrupt countries on the surface of the earth.

» Planet Earth = planeta Tierra, el.

Example: During Jesus' ministry on Planet Earth, one of the miracles that authenticated him as the true Messiah was the raising of the dead.

» promise + the earth = prometer la luna (y las estrellas), prometer el oro y el moro, vender humo.

Example: Other political parties promise the earth, but don't actually provide policies that will deliver the goods.

» salt of the earth = sal de la tierra, honesto, justo.

Example: In the novel, residents of the drought-plagued hamlet of Champaner, egged on by a salt-of-the-earth hothead leader, recklessly accept a sporting challenge thrown down by the commander of the local British troops.

» scum of the earth, the = escoria de la sociedad, la.

Example: Somebody said freemasons are the scum of the earth and I don't understand that hatred.

» the ends of the earth = al fin del mundo.

Example: Having journeyed to the ends of the earth and the land of the dead, Heracles could therefore suggest closing down the Eleusian mysteries.

» vanish from + the face of the earth = desaparecer de la faz de la tierra, tragarse a Alguien la tierra, perder de vista para siempre.

Example: The plot is about a scientist who wakes up one morning to find that everyone except him seems to have vanished from the face of the earth.

» what on (this) earth...? = ¿qué diablos...?, ¿qué demonios...?, ¿qué narices...?.

Example: The article 'What on earth did we do before?' reports the experience in the use of a computerized catalogue based on the Autolib package.

» when on (this) earth...? = ¿cuándo diablos...?, ¿cuándo demonios...?, ¿cuándo narices...?.

Example: When on this earth have we ever got anything for free?.

» where on (this) earth...? = ¿dónde?, ¿dónde diablos...?, ¿dónde demonios...?, ¿dónde narices...?.

Example: Where on this earth could you find such unintelligent life forms?.

» who on (this) earth...? = ¿quién diablos...?, ¿quién demonios...?, ¿quién narices...?.

Example: Who on this earth does she think she is kidding?.

» wipe off + the face of the earth = borrar de la faz de la tierra.

Example: At the scene of the impact one local resident said that if the whole meteorite had hit Bourges, the town might have been wiped off the face of the earth.

earth2 = tierra. 

Example: Insulation techniques helpful to energy conservation are: more use of below surface areas; the mounding of earth against outside walls; sod roofs; and the correct use of glass.


» be rooted in + earth = tener raíces en la tierra, con raíces en la tierra.

Example: She was tall, portly while she was gangly, supportive while she tended to be domineering, sober while she loved her drink, and rooted in the earth while she often had her head in the clouds.

» clod of earth = terrón, terrón de tierra.

Example: He picked up a clod of earth and held it out to them by way of welcome.

» down-to-earth = realista, práctico, sensato, con los pies sobre la tierra, llano.

Example: The report gives a down-to-earth account of the way in which membership of the European Community has materially affected major British industries.

» earthquake = terremoto, seísmo.

Example: In UDC under 361 SOCIAL RELIEF we find .9 Relief or aid in emergencies, disasters; .91 earthquakes, storms, hurricanes; .92 Floods; .93 War, civil war; .94 Epidemics; .95 Famine; and .96 Fires, conflagrations.

» earth tremor = temblor de tierra, seísmo.

Example: The earth tremor that rocked the centre of Melbourne was one of three quakes that hit Australia in the one day.

» earthwork = terraplén.

Example: As a defensive structure, palisades were often used in conjunction with earthworks.

» earthwork = movimiento de tierra.

Example: Some 360000 cubic meters of vertical earthwork was done at the mine without any evaluation of how it was likely to affect the ecosystem.

» earthworm = lombriz, lombriz de tierra.

Example: Topics include trees, leaf coloration, buds, seeds, vertebrate animals, animal tracks, insects and other arthropods, earthworms, characteristics of living things, and microhabitats.

» earth year = año terrestre.

Example: In principle a spaceship could travel eight light years in ten earth years.

» unearth = descubrir, desenterrar.

Example: Librarians also provide some assistance with that most familiar and awkward-to-handle enquiry from library users concerning the possible value of Grandpa's old Bible or other old book unearthed in the attic during a clear-out.

Earth synonyms

world in spanish: mundo, pronunciation: wɜrld part of speech: noun ground in spanish: suelo, pronunciation: graʊnd part of speech: noun land in spanish: tierra, pronunciation: lænd part of speech: noun globe in spanish: globo, pronunciation: gloʊb part of speech: noun terra firma in spanish: tierra firme, pronunciation: terəfɜrmə part of speech: noun dry land in spanish: tierra seca, pronunciation: draɪlænd part of speech: noun earthly concern in spanish: preocupación terrenal, pronunciation: ɜrθlikənsɜrn part of speech: noun solid ground in spanish: tierra sólida, pronunciation: sɑlədgraʊnd part of speech: noun worldly concern in spanish: preocupación mundana, pronunciation: wɜrldlikənsɜrn part of speech: noun
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