Earthquake in spanish


pronunciation: teremoʊtoʊ part of speech: noun
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earthquake = terremoto, seísmo. 

Example: In UDC under 361 SOCIAL RELIEF we find .9 Relief or aid in emergencies, disasters; .91 earthquakes, storms, hurricanes; .92 Floods; .93 War, civil war; .94 Epidemics; .95 Famine; and .96 Fires, conflagrations.


» earthquake tremor = temblor de tierra, seísmo.

Example: In addition, the witnesses testified that the detonations 'really rocked' the house and 'felt like an earthquake tremor, or an earthquake'.

» shake of earthquake = temblor de tierra, seísmo.

Example: Last evening a distinct shake of earthquake was felt in Nelson, it was just sufficient to set pendent objects swinging, but was not a very vigorous shake.

» sleep through + an earthquake = quedarse dormido como un tronco, quedarse dormido como un lirón.

Example: Why can some people sleep through an earthquake yet some people, like myself, can wake up from the slightest noise?.

Earthquake synonyms

quake in spanish: terremoto, pronunciation: kweɪk part of speech: noun temblor in spanish: temblor, pronunciation: temblɜr part of speech: noun seism in spanish: seísmo, pronunciation: saɪzəm part of speech: noun
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