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pronunciation: este part of speech: noun, adjective
In gestures

east = este. 

Example: The plan of the temple is round instead of rectangular, and unlike the rest, faces north instead of east.


» due east = exactamente al este, derecho hacia el este, directamente hacia el este.

Example: An azimuth of 0 degrees is due north, 90 degrees is due east, 180 degrees is due south, and 270 is due west.

» East Africa = Africa Oriental.

Example: The last 10 years have seen a considerable increase in the demand for trained library personnel in East Africa.

» East Asia = Asia oriental.

Example: Evidence suggests that the policy-driven agenda of East Asia is likely to be more successful than the market-driven approach of the West = La evidencia nos sugiere que la agenda intervencionista de Asia oriental sea probablemente más exitosa que la estrategia mercantilista del oeste.

» East Asian = del este asiático.

Example: The possibilities of international cooperation promise to bring scholarly access to East Asian Materials from far beyond the walls of any library, big or small.

» eastbound = en dirección este, rumbo al este, hacia el este.

Example: If you look at the tube map northbound is up, southbound is down, eastbound is right and westbound is left.

» East Central Europe = Europa Central del Este.

Example: Both the sociohistorical & the typological approach are used to explore examples of semiotic processes from East Central Europe & the US.

» east coast, the = costa oriental, la.

Example: Thousands of peaceful Muslims were butchered by troops up and down the east coast.

» East Germany = Alemania del Este.

Example: East Germany has no on-line data bases of this type but has access to some through the COMECON countries' information network.

» East Indies = Indias Orientales, Indonesia.

Example: The use of obsolete terms, such as East Indies, is an ongoing reference service problem.

» east of = al este de.

Example: In the crest of the timeworn Black Mountains lies the summit of Mount Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi.

» east, the = al este.

Example: Standing in the early morning on the balcony of her apartment, she was smote as she always was by the grandeur of the sky turning to scarlet as the rim of darkness in the east released the sun for its sluggish trek through the heavens.

» East Timor = Timor Oriental.

Example: Since the Indonesian invasion of December 1975, East Timor has been the site of some of the worst atrocities of the modern era .

» eastward(s) = hacia el este, rumbo al este, en dirección este.

Example: The dust clouds travel eastward, affecting air quality in China, Korea and Japan, and occasionally the continental United States.

» Far East, the = Extremo Oriente, el; Lejano Oriente, el. [Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo]

Example: Work has been largely determined by the consequences of political developments affecting French involvement in the Far East.

» FID/NANE (FID Regional organization for North Africa and the Near East) = FID/NANE (Organización regional de la FID para el Norte de †frica y el Cercano Oriente).

Example: The FID Regional organization for North Africa and the Near East (FID/NANE) was established to help libraries and information centres in 21 Arab countries, Mali, Chad and Niger to develop information systems and services in the region.

» Middle East, the = Oriente Medio, Medio Oriente.

Example: The P.L. 480 program for Middle East and South Asian countries, and the National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging are prime examples of this kind of effort to speed the cataloging of newly published materials.

» Near East = Oriente Próximo, Cercano Oriente.

Example: Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) continue to use the name Near East rather than Middle East.

» northeast [north-east] = noreste, nordeste.

Example: Earnscliffe, an outsprawled town of 18,109, lies in a saucer-like setting of wooded hillsides in the northeast region of the country.

» southeast [south east] = sudeste, sureste.

Example: The London and South Eastern Library Region (LASER) is an organisation for library co-operation within Greater London, and various counties in the south east of England.

» South East Asia = sudeste asiático, el.

Example: The author discusses some of the barriers to the free flow of information in South East Asia.

East synonyms

e in spanish: mi, pronunciation: i part of speech: noun orient in spanish: orientar, pronunciation: ɔrient part of speech: noun, verb eastern in spanish: oriental, pronunciation: istɜrn part of speech: adjective easterly in spanish: del este, pronunciation: istɜrli part of speech: adjective, adverb eastward in spanish: hacia el este, pronunciation: istwɜrd part of speech: adverb easternmost in spanish: él más oriental, pronunciation: istɜrnmoʊst part of speech: adjective eastside in spanish: lado este, pronunciation: issaɪd part of speech: adjective eastbound in spanish: hacia el este, pronunciation: istbaʊnd part of speech: adjective due east in spanish: hacia el este, pronunciation: duist part of speech: noun eastmost in spanish: al este, pronunciation: istmoʊst part of speech: adjective

East antonyms

west pronunciation: west part of speech: noun, adjective
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