Factual in spanish


pronunciation: fɑktuɑl part of speech: adjective
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factual = factual, puntual, real. 

Example: No one, in this purely hypothetical example, has thought that the reader might be happy with a factual account of an Atlantic convoy as well as, or in place of, a purely fictional account.


» counterfactual = contrafactual, supuesto, hipotético, contrario a los hechos, suposición.

Example: By subtracting the counterfactual from the observed change (factual), the evaluation team can assess the effect of the intervention, e.g. effect on literacy, effect on individual income, effect on economic growth, etc.

» factual content = contenido factual.

Example: The business history or biography should not be seen as simply to entertain or eulogise, but as a tool which can be used discriminatingly for its more factual content.

» factual data = datos factuales.

Example: Primary literature, secondary literature, numerical and factual data will all be represented.

» factual data bank = banco de datos factual, banco de datos.

Example: The role of factual data banks as support to environmental management and legislation is reviewed based on experience.

» factual database = base de datos factual.

Example: Most computer bureaux which host the factual databases have their own world-wide networks.

» factual error = error de contenido.

Example: In the course of reading this article, you may spot a factual error which makes you bristle, or you may think the writing is biased, but by now the ink has dried; all you can do is send a letter of complaint.

» factual information = información factual.

Example: Factual information, in the form of statistics, and full text will become more central.

» factual knowledge = conocimiento enciclopédico.

Example: Newer methods of education will become normal practice, designed not to inculcate a body of factual knowledge but to train the student in how to acquire knowledge.

Factual synonyms

true in spanish: cierto, pronunciation: tru part of speech: adjective real in spanish: real, pronunciation: ril part of speech: adjective concrete in spanish: hormigón, pronunciation: kənkrit part of speech: adjective, noun actual in spanish: real, pronunciation: æktʃəwəl part of speech: adjective de facto in spanish: de facto, pronunciation: difæktoʊ part of speech: adjective, adverb existent in spanish: existente, pronunciation: egzɪstənt part of speech: adjective

Factual antonyms

de jure pronunciation: didʒʊr part of speech: adjective, adverb
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